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Steve Jobs Passes Away, We Take Leave

As many of you already know, Steve Jobs has passed away.

We’d like to say thank you to Steve for pushing humanity forward. We’ll forever be different thinkers, forever be foolish, and forever be hungry.

Tech Tribe News has also taken a leave of absence from the website effective immediately. We hope that in the future we can relaunch our website.

Thank you.


Every Apple Slate Tidbit Before the Event

Yes, on Wednesday of this week, something will be revealed at Apple’s latest event. Here’s all the tidbits from around the interwebs to wet the appetite.

First, Apple has announced that it’s Quarter 1 profits reached $3.38 billion, and that Mac sales are up 33% while iPods are down about 8%.

Secondly, Apple has begun prepping the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts location for it’s Wednesday event. Here’s a peek:

Thirdly, Steve Jobs has been quoted saying this week that “The new products we are planning to release this year are very strong, starting this year with a major new product that we’re really excited about” and also saying “this will be the most important thing I’ve ever done”. The fanboys out there probably just died hearing that.

Lastly, a few videos have been unearthed with one featuring Steve himself talking about the core of Apple ten years ago, and the second one being a Tablet commercial that is being taken QUITE seriously. Enjoy.

As always, at the end of the event on Wednesday, we’ll roundup everything you need to know! Visit us for all the info!.

Fortune Names Steve Jobs Top CEO, France Celebrates

A youthful founder gets booted from his company in the 1980s, returns in the 1990s, and in the following decade survives two brushes with death, one securities-law scandal, an also-ran product lineup, and his own often unpleasant demeanor to become the dominant personality in four distinct industries, a billionaire many times over, and CEO of the most valuable company in Silicon Valley.


Fortune today named Steve Jobs the CEO of the decade for his economical work and technological advances in society. I mean, cmon, who doesn’t have an iPod?

Meanwhile, Apple is busy with the opening of their first store in France.

“We are very pleased to extend the experience of the Apple Store in France, said Ron Johnson, Senior Vice President of Retail Apple. The new store is located below the famous Louvre Pyramid, in the Carrousel du Louvre. This is the place to go shopping, train and develop ideas.”

110950-carrousel_du_lourve_1_300Apple has plans for rapid expansion in France, with the opening of a second store scheduled for November 14th in Montpellier in the South of France.

Steve Jobs is Fine, Quit Worrying!

Well it turns out that our White Knight of technology  (or shall I say iKnight) is just fine, like he said he would be.


Steve has had a liver transplant preformed in Tennessee, which is why he’s been out for the past two months. Yukari Iwatani Kane and Joann S. Lublin who both report for the Wall Street Journal broke the news a few days back.

“William Hawkins, a doctor specializing in pancreatic and gastrointestinal surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., said that the type of slow-growing pancreatic tumor Mr. Jobs had will commonly metastasize in another organ during a patient’s lifetime, and that the organ is usually the liver. “All total, 75% of patients are going to have the disease spread over the course of their life,” said Dr. Hawkins, who has not treated Mr. Jobs.

Getting a liver transplant to treat a metastasized neuroendocrine tumor is controversial because livers are scarce and the surgery’s efficacy as a cure hasn’t been proved, Dr. Hawkins added. He said that patients whose tumors have metastasized can live for as many as 10 years without any treatment so it is hard to determine how successful a transplant has been in curing the disease.”

Mass hysteria ensued when Jobs announced that he would be leaving Apple for 6 months, to take care of “his health”. Many people thought this was the end of Steve, especially because of his pale and grey look at his last keynotes before he took medical leave. He was rumored to be back in Cupertino right before this year’s WWDC, even though he did not make an appearance. The rumors, however turned out to be true.

Just in time for Steve’s return, 1 million iPhone 3G S’s have been moved. Welcome back.

The Hero Returns?

steve_jobs_applesetteB.IT and many other “sources” claim that they have seen “a healthy Steve” on the Apple Campus. While this is only rumor with no details to support it, the true Apple fanboys can hope.\

New iPhone pictures have also surfaced, throwing the chrome outline to the curb, and looks like it’s adding a front facing camera.113719-10262202.jpg

Apple’s Billionth Giveaway! Tablets! Varied Pricing!

apple-app-store-300x135jpgApple is giving away an iPod Touch, Time Capsule (wifi hard drive backup), $10,000 in an iTunes giftcard, and a MacBook Pro. HURRY HURRY HURRY and sign up to win this amazing package as a celebration of the 1 billionth app downloaded worldwide!

Anyway, rumors have been stirred that Steve Jobs is still pulling the strings at Apple, and testing out a larger iPod Touch (tablet anyone?) and you can expect him to return in June. Studies have also found today that $1.29 songs are less popular than $0.99 songs on iTunes.

“For a price increase (to $1.29 from $0.99) to result in an equal or greater amount of revenue, unit sales would to drop by no less than 23.3%. On the most recent track download chart, the different between #42 and #45 was only 3.5%. One has to move up to #6 on the chart to get to a difference greater than 23.3%. The difference between the #6 and the #3 chart positions equals a 30% drop in unit sales while the difference between #7 and #4 is a 19% drop in unit sales.”