Steve Jobs is Fine, Quit Worrying!

Well it turns out that our White Knight of technology  (or shall I say iKnight) is just fine, like he said he would be.


Steve has had a liver transplant preformed in Tennessee, which is why he’s been out for the past two months. Yukari Iwatani Kane and Joann S. Lublin who both report for the Wall Street Journal broke the news a few days back.

“William Hawkins, a doctor specializing in pancreatic and gastrointestinal surgery at Washington University in St. Louis, Mo., said that the type of slow-growing pancreatic tumor Mr. Jobs had will commonly metastasize in another organ during a patient’s lifetime, and that the organ is usually the liver. “All total, 75% of patients are going to have the disease spread over the course of their life,” said Dr. Hawkins, who has not treated Mr. Jobs.

Getting a liver transplant to treat a metastasized neuroendocrine tumor is controversial because livers are scarce and the surgery’s efficacy as a cure hasn’t been proved, Dr. Hawkins added. He said that patients whose tumors have metastasized can live for as many as 10 years without any treatment so it is hard to determine how successful a transplant has been in curing the disease.”

Mass hysteria ensued when Jobs announced that he would be leaving Apple for 6 months, to take care of “his health”. Many people thought this was the end of Steve, especially because of his pale and grey look at his last keynotes before he took medical leave. He was rumored to be back in Cupertino right before this year’s WWDC, even though he did not make an appearance. The rumors, however turned out to be true.

Just in time for Steve’s return, 1 million iPhone 3G S’s have been moved. Welcome back.


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