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New PS3 bundle coming September 19th

The current  PS3 slim console will now come with 160GB HDD rather than 120GB. Also, Sony announced at Gamescom that a $399 PS3 bundle with one-player Move package will be coming September 19th and will feature a 320GB HDD (a big incentive to get this bundle). A standalone Move package will run you $99.

Final Fantasy XIII scores big in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 hits 1 million sales on the first day of release in Japan, increasing the total worldwide franchise sales to 92 million units. The game comes to North America and Europe on March 9th for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

For sad North American Gamers (PS3 gamers only)

FFVIII full game is now available on the PSN Store for $10, joining FFVII in the PSOne Classics section.

Sorry 360 gamers. Not much news for you here.

Facebook Hits PS3, Makes Your Friends Cry

Sony has officially released firmware 3.10 for the PS3, adding Facebook support.

That’s it. Facebook. So now you can post to your wall about how many trophies you have, how many kills you’ve got in Modern Warfare 2, or just how many times you’ve chopped someone in half in Brutal Legend. Have fun kiddies!

Things Forgotten From Yesterday (Sept. 1)

Things we didn’t get around to posting yesterday:


-PS3 Firmware officially up for download! New features include a “What’s New” section, a status indicator, a renovated friends list, PlayStation Store shortcuts, and animated backgrounds to your PS3’s main menu screen.

-Sony  has adopted Chrome for it’s official browser on their VAIO line of Notebooks. Google is also set to be the lines default search engine. Google is said to be making this effort with other manufacturers, meaning that this could be a serious blow to IE’s market share. Who downloads that browser anyway?

-Opera has released it’s newest version of it’s broswer. Opera 10 includes faster web surfing, compression techniques, and a new UI, among other things. Download it here.

French Retailer Claims “PS3 Slim Real and Cheaper”

There isn’t much info on this right now, but here’s the story so far:

JVN contacted an anonymous retailer, revealing supposed details of the most-likely-real PS3 Slim. The anonymous retailer said that the PS3 would be slimmer, would launch next month, and would cost €100 less (thats Euros folks).

Hopefully this is REAL!

PS3 Becomes 70% Cheaper To Make says Sony, Price Drop Soon?

We all know that the PS3 is a powerful machine, but it’s also a pocket burner. Sony’s pricing on the console has fluctuated since it’s release, along with it’s hardware specs. Some had built-in Wi-Fi, some didn’t, some had backwards compatibility, and then they cut that too. But the one thing that didn’t move (and needed to) was the price to manufacture the console. It reportedly took $800 to make a single console.


But here’s the good news: CEO Nobuyuki Oneda of Sony has revealed that they have made the PS3 70% cheaper to manufacture. That’s down to $240. The current PS3 is sold at $399, so a $100 price cut (making it $299) could be a real competitor against the Wii ($250) and the Xbox (varies). Considering that Sony would still make about $60 per console, it would be a major gain in market share. Dad’s would love the blu-ray, kids would go crazy over it, and Mom’s, well….. I’m not sure. But the point is that this could be the game changer.

New PS3? Or Usual Fake?

Even though this new console seems real to me, and would defiantly make me fork over the cash, I hardly doubt that the video is realistic, considering the language their speaking and the quality of the video. It might have been a spy cam though.

Reader of Engadget “Aguiluz” had this to say however:

“This seems to be in Greenhills in the Philippines.

The “black market” is on the older building. Usually third floor, but changes every now and then. You’ll find fake electronics, pirated media that’s packaged better than the real thing (kudos!), smuggled in consoles and handhelds (PSP was the rage those days), cellphones (even stolen ones!) and more stuff. In fact, that’s where I first saw a PS3 phat.

I walked to the salesperson and asked how much was it. He replied PhP 45000 (a little below $1000) and I walked away. I’m not gonna be surprised if you find it there.”

But that could just be a rouge commenter getting our hopes up.