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Welcome to the only Tribe of Technology. The staff here blogs about all tech and gaming news, so that your always informed in todays busy society.

Started from a small room, Tech Tribe, formerly Tech Head, has moved, expanded, and is ready to shout the word via blogging, twittering, and shall I say “You-Tubing”.

Blogging is becoming the most popular form of news no matter what anyone says. So why not bookmark us? We’ll cover all the important news, keep you safe from those ridiculous rumors, and keep you up to date!

If you have any questions about our blog, gaming news, tech stuff, or just any other general thought, please email us. You can contact us, and expect a reply. We love to hear what you think!

Email us at techtribewordpress@gmail.com

Note: December 2008 posts have been deleted, because they no longer reflect our blog and our writing style. However, we still consider our founding date to be December 31st, 2008.