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Samsung Instinct HD images


Remember the iPhone’s first ever rival the Samsung Instinct. The Instinct S30 is new, but Samsung is planning another updated version of the phone called “Instinct HD.” The folks over at Phone Arena get a nice look at the phone.

The Samsung Instinct HD for Sprint is one of the lively-discussed handsets lately and that’s why we are pleased to unearth some exclusive live images now. Thanks to a tipster of ours, we can take a closer look at the device, as well as at parts of its interface. The interface carries on the same style that we have seen in previous Instinct phones and we even get to see the 5MP camera interface, but unfortunately there isn’t a picture showing the video recording screen. However, check these out and don’t forget to share your opinion – do you find the Instinct HD hot, or you would rather go for the Android-powered Instinct Q, although it may not have HD capabilities?

[Thanks to Phone Arena for post and photos]

Sony Claims World’s Smallest Camera

5-12-09sonyhd.jpgThe new MCB1172 HD camera it claims is the “world’s smallest.” With an 8.3 megapixel sensor that can shoot 720p/30 video with image stabilization, face detection, high-ISO mode, and 120fps slow motion, Sony is claiming to have developed the world’s smallest HD camera.

Roku now offers Amazon HD Video On Demand


Amazon HD VOD will not just be offered by Tivo anymore. Roku has announced HD downloads for it today. Roku services cam about a month ago, and they have already put HD downloads in their arsenal. Roku box is available for $99. The price for downloads should be similar to Tivo’s. HD TV shows are for $3, and HD movies are $4-5. 


Apple Kills Two Birds With One Stone

Apple played it’s hand today against the “Congratulations, Its a PC!” commercials by posting 4 new ads specifically targeted at user interface, security, and ease of use. The four new ads are titled: Biohazard SuitLegal CopyStacks, and Time Traveler. All the videos are also available on Apple’s site.

Meanwhile, Apple must have gotten upwind about the HD Zune rumor, and has instructed licensed retailers to put Apple iPhone/iPod Touch A/V cords on clearance. It is said the the new cords will resemble the Xbox 360 A/V cord by using 6 RCA connecters to transmit SD (standard definition) or HD (high definition) to a TV. It’s also said that you might just be able to stream content from your iPhone right to your TV via Wi-Fi. Since the current iPhone plays back HD just fine, it’s only a question of when.

[plays back HD video just fine]vGizmodo