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Patapon 2 Review already?


Recently, Patapon 2 has been announced to have a UMD and a downloadable version of the game. The game will orignally come out on May 5th for $10.

Wanna get your hands on Patapon 2 through download? It’s quite simple if you follow these steps.

1. Update your PSP to the lastest firmware (v5.5 for now)

2. Sign up for a PlayStation Network account and go to the PlayStation Store.

3. From there, you’ll be able to sort through a bunch of demos and new offerings. Find Patapon 2 and select download. 

[via Destructoid’s review of Patapon 2]

Is this the year of the PSP? ….Takken 6 and Soulcalibur


This year PSP has had several game announcements, and there have been numerous rumors for PSP2. Takken 6 and Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny have been announced for PSP recently! These two games are going to be part of the PSP’s 2009 arsenal, which also includes: Little Big Planet, Motorstorm, Monster Hunter: Freedom Unite, Patapon 2, Dante’s Inferno, Final Fantasy Dissidea, and you get my point.

Over the past couple of years, PSP basically had four popular games in their line-up: Crisir Core, God of War: Chins of Olympus, Patapon, and now Resistance Retribution. I wonder why DS has been crushing PSP’s heart? PSP seems to have great games coming in the future, but can Sony convince people to buy PSP with top-notch games like they are trying to do with PS3?


Here is a Takken 6 trailer for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Xbox Europe Senior Business Director Hired… by Apple

The App Store currently holds more than 9,000 games, and there are 37 million devices running those games. That’s pretty close to the PSP, which currently has 50 million units out, and isn’t even touching the 100 million that the Nintendo DS has sold. But think about this: Apple is picking up some pretty heavy games, just like Metal Gear Solid and Assassin’s Creed, and this could add up to the Touch Devices becoming a handheld console.

Either way, turns out that Xbox Europe’s (former) Senior Director of Business, Insights, and Strategy, has been hired by our very own Cupertino Computer Company. Also, think about the addition of P.A Semi which was bought way back in April 2008. Apples cooking up something big, maybe Steve will be there to reinvent the gaming platform?

In other news, Apple might be cutting the base prices on Mac.

“While exact pricing is unclear or still undetermined at this time, the Mac maker earlier this month quietly flaunted its capacity to deliver a premium system at near recession pricing when it began offering educational institutions a 2GHz, 20-inch aluminum iMac for $899. Even when priced at a $100 to $150 markup for the consumer markets — as Apple is more than likely eager to preserve its margins — such an offering would make a material dent in the entry-level cost of owner or switching to a Mac.” [Mac Rumors]

And lastly, before I write an entire week just about Apple, a patent suggests that Apple may be researching carbon fiber Mac enclosures to down the weight.

“A composite laminate having an improved cosmetic surface is presented herein. The composite laminate includes a plurality of sheets of preimpregnated material, or prepreg, stacked one over another and a scrim layer provided on an exterior surface of the sheets of prepreg. The scrim layer and the sheets of prepreg form a composite laminate whereby the scrim layer constitutes an outer, exposed surface of the composite laminate. Each sheet of prepreg is made from fibers preimpregnated with resin, and the fibers of the prepreg may be substantially parallel or woven carbon fibers.”


If you’ve had enough about Apple already, be sure to check out the more PCish posts below. We here try not to be biast, but sometimes, a company has a strong week, and we just can’t ignore it. Even if it’s about Vista 😦

PSP firmware 5.5 details, PSP slowly adapting PS3 features


Sony has mentioned some details for the PSP firmware 5.5 update. Here are some of the features mentioned: 

  • Memory Stick improvements – You’ll be able to create and access sub-folders on your Memory Stick PRO Duo for music, videos and photos. Separately, the available space required to download a file from PlayStation Store to your Memory Stick has been reduced significantly.
  • Internet search for games directly from the XMB – You’ll be able to easily search the Internet for information about your PSP games. Select the icon for the game, hit the Triangle button, and then select [Internet Search] from the options menu to get search results based on the game title. This feature was added to PS3 with the recent 2.70 update.
  • Trend Micro trial – PSP’s Internet browser is a great tool for checking out your favorite Web sites on the go, and we’re teaming up with the Internet security experts at Trend Micro to make the Web browsing experience safer and more secure. With the 5.50 update, you’ll have the option to access a free trial of two Trend Micro services:
    1. Trend Micro Web Security uses Web reputation technology to block PSP owners from accidentally visiting a Web site that may contain malicious content designed to steal personal information and confidential data.
      Trend Micro Kids’ Safety uses URL filtering technology to prevent children from accessing Web sites that feature inappropriate content.
    If you have a PS3, you should know that PS3 has an XMB bar for Playstation Store announcements. That same XMX bar will be added to the PSP. PSP v5.5 also provides us with lots of Internet Security. Some of the security might not make kids happy.

    PS3 outsold the Wii in Japan

    japan-flagFor the first time in 16 months, PS3 has outsold the Wii in Japan in the month of March. PS3 hit 146,948 units, compared with 99,335 units of the Wii and 43,172 units of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Xbox 360 sales turned out to be less the the PS2’s. While on the the other hand, the portable devices were far ahead than the others with DS at the top and PSP following it. It is a big achievement for Sony and their hard work is strating to payoff. But many say that this trend won’t keep up for long. Anyways, March turned out to be a lucky month for the PS3~ atleast in Japan.

    Final Fantasy Dissidia

    Square Enix presents a trailer for Final Fantasy for US. The game is already on shelves in Japan since last year. As for US, Enix might have caught some attention of US gamers with this trailer. The trailer does not involve gameplay, but it certainly attracts Final Fantasy Fans since it combines a variety of popular FF characters we have seen before.

    VIDEO SPOILER: the trailer shows a good and a bad side in which the protagonists face the antagonists from all over the FF games. A lot of characters from other Final Fantasy games are combined into one game, Final Fantasy Dissidia, which will be coming out for the PSP. Take a look.

    Verdict: I have played many FF games on DS and PSP. They always have a nice trailer or a prologue video of some sort that attracts you, but the actual gameplay does not turn out to be what you expect it to be. So this trailer might have opened your eyes, but don’t keep your hopes up.

    Lego, PSP, Beatles RockBand?

    lego_rock_band_slide_01jpgReal or fake? Due to a “missing slide” (not saying it’s true), Lego RockBand hasn’t been announced, but is that to say we can expect a PSP and Beatles RockBand?