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Nintendo @ E3 Brings “3DS”, New Games

That would be the biggest announcement out of Nintendo’s E3 keynote today. The new “3DS” features a 3.5″ widescreen on top, a touch panel on the bottom, a joystick (“slide pad”), 3D without the need for glasses (and a 3D slider to adjust the amount of 3D-ness), and improved graphics.

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword was shown off first.

It appears to be a bit more animated, but not to the extent of Windwaker. It really shines on the Wii.

And a few other games were given demos and introductions:And to leave you off with; a screenshot from the new 3DS, not the Wii. Remember, it’s from the 3DS.

Nintendo announces 3DS

Nintendo announced to launch 3D-enabled, glasses-free successor to DS series by March 2011; reports indicate late 2010 rollout with thumbstick, rumble, accelerometer. the DS XL is not even out in the US, and Nintendo already has plans for a newer DS. 3DS (unofficial name) seems to have more than just a 3D upgrade. For now, not much is known and we will have to wait for E3.


A Closer Look on 2010’s Legend of Zelda

This is the official (and only) press release of a new Legend of Zelda heading our way presumably in 2010. The image shows Link without a sword, yet with a girl who has notable similarities to the sword including a blue jewel, a pointed head (like the base or pommel of the sword on the hilt), spiked hair and cape (like the guards off the sword on it’s hilt), lines drawn underneath the jewel (to represent the blade) and the criss-crossed lines on her legs (to represent the grip on the sword’s hilt) and of course the colors match as well. Make your own theories.

Nintendo’s New Colors, Microsoft’s Speed Up

Nintendo’s new blue and black colored Wii’s and controller have been spotted in the wild. These are certainly looking good, while the graphics aren’t. (They’re alright sometimes, but once you watch HD, you just can’t go back!)

Microsoft has commented on the fact that the new Xbox Dashboard has slowed down since it’s launch over time. They plan to fix this problem within 2009, so expect an update within the year!

Nintendo Yanks SSBB Online Feature Away

Nintendo has released as statement saying that Super Smash Brothers Brawl for Wii’s online service will be shut down.


“As of June 30th, 2009, the current service that accepts user-generated snapshots, stage designs, and replay data will no longer be available. Please note, however, that we will continue to distribute such data after that date.”

While Wi-Fi battles will not be affected, leaving some online multiplayer functionality, the creative part of the game similar to Little Big Planet will be gone soon. Nintendo has given no explanation to why they’re doing this, or why they are so against online connectivity like Xbox Live, and PSN.

Roundup For June 4th – WWDC Edition

Before we get into roundups for WWDC, there were a few announcements worth recognizing today.

To start off, Sony announced that they are working on a plan to get all your UMD games over to your PSP Go. This raises speculation if the PSP 3000 and below, which actually contain UMD drives, are going to become extinct. Either way, it’s a step in the right direction.

Secondly, Apple has patented “Multi touch Click Wheels”. For those few who don’t know what a click wheel is (probably the one who use Zunes), it is the control wheel that is used by all iPods to use the iPod itself. These click wheels are being shown even for Macs.

Thirdly, Palm Pre’s intro video is now up on YouTube, and showcases some things that you can do with the phone. How cool.

Lastly, Nintendo is set to launch black Nintendo Wiis and Red DSis in North America, due to the fact that they are already in production over in Japan.


NOW, to roundup those expectations for WWDC. (Here’s where I lose those Zune users.)

Firstly expected, are MacBook refreshes, including the addition of a MacBook Mini, which also surfaced in the past on Adium’s (IM client for Mac) logs. Much isn’t rumored on this product, and neither is an Apple Tablet speculated much either.

Also expected is a refresh of current “Pro” software, such as Final Cut or Aperture. Not much has been rumored on this either.

Snow Leopard has been said to be concluding shortly, giving way for it to be announced at WWDC and launched in the near future. Videos have been posted giving demos of new features, although Snow Leopard features mainly on Grand Central, which is Apple coding to allow access to multi-core processor’s full power. 64 bit Leopard also comes along with Snow.

The biggest rumor speculation causer has to be the iPhone by far. iPhone 3.o is expected to be covered, including new video capture and editing capabilities, a compass, FM tuner, camera firmware improvements, and so on and so forth. With these software enhancements, however, comes the speculation of a new iPhone. Multiple pictures have surfaced with 32GB iPhones having placeholders in system/store logs, and leaked photos of a new iPhone ditching the chrome band around the phone. Along with a 3.2MP camera, hardware improvements are expected to be mild, iPhone pricing should remain the same, and a front facing camera is expected. While not much can truthfully be said, these are all plausible options for Apple to take.

And to finish it off, few people are speculating that Steve just might make a surprise appearance at Apple’s keynote. This comes after a sighting of a “healthy” Steve Jobs at Apple’s Campus being confirmed by multiple sources. The fanboys can only hope.

WWDC’s climax will be Monday, during Apple’s keynote, after which Mac and iPhone hands on labs will be available, along with iPhone keynotes and lessons in the vicinity of Moscone West (presentation center).

As usual, we cannot be there thanks to the $1600 price tag, and the fact that we don’t live in San Francisco, but be sure that we will have complete coverage of the keynote around the late afternoon/dinner time. Let’s see what that one last thing is…… (Apple people should know what I mean!)

Nintendo’s E3 2009 Keynote: Guess Who Returns!

e3-2009-0699-rm-eng-rm-eng.jpgNintendo is by far the most classic gaming developer around, and always delivers fun and creative games for everyone to enjoy, even those hardcore shoot em up blood and gore types. This year was no exception, and although new hardware was not to be found, games that will keep you and your family glued to the tube were plentiful. Read the whole roundup and find out all the juicy details you need to know!

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