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New PS3 bundle coming September 19th

The current  PS3 slim console will now come with 160GB HDD rather than 120GB. Also, Sony announced at Gamescom that a $399 PS3 bundle with one-player Move package will be coming September 19th and will feature a 320GB HDD (a big incentive to get this bundle). A standalone Move package will run you $99.

How to Jailbreak your iOS device in 1 minute

It’s a little hard to believe but the long pain to jailbreak iOS devices (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) has now ended. All you have to do is to go to on your iOS device and slide the bar to begin jailbreaking. The process will take about a minute or two and Cydia will be installed.

For those of you that are a little skeptical about jailbreaking, you will be pleased to know that recently it has been made legal by the library of congress. They have given us to right to mod the software to get access to a certain apps. Thanks to thecreativeone for the video!!

iOS 4 Released To The Masses

Here are some of the big features that are coming from the update:

  • Multitasking- Double tap home button for fast-app switching. (ONLY AVAILABLE FOR 3GS)
  • Folders – drag an app into another app to make a folder.
  • Home screen wallpaper – No more blank backgrounds! (sadly it only works on the 3GS)
  • Threaded mail – unified inbox
  • 5x digital zoom – while the photo becomes very blurry, I still rather have it than not have it.
  • Gamecenter – a seperate app that kinda acts as Live or PSN for iPod and iPhone games.
  • iBooks – same app from the iPad.

Call of Duty finally goes to Vietnam

While Infinity Ward was busy with all the Modern Warfare 2 hype, Treyarch was not just sitting around. Treyarch finally took a step from World War II to Cold War in its upcoming game Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game was recently announced to come out November 9th of this year. The game is set during various Cold War conflicts including locales in Vietnam and Cuba. It has been under development for two years since the release of Treyarch’s Call of Duty: World at War in 2008. Call of Duty: Black Ops features a campaign, competitive multiplayer, and a co-op mode. It is unclear whether the co-op mode will be a full-featured campaing or something similar to Modern WArfare 2’s Spec Ops.

HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion

It was obvious someone would buy Palm, but I didn’t think Hewlett-Packard was the top contender. HP bought all of Palms stocks for $1.2 billion, and while there are plenty of transition details to work out, HP is definitely is getting the WebOS asset. Whether or not HP will invest to compete against Apple, Google, and Microsoft or simply use the WebOS for its tablets is unsure. We have to give them a few months to get all the details set.

The iPad Review

Apple has become arguably the most innovative company there ever has been, and every one of their products receives an unimaginable hype. Starting of with Macs, Apple entered into the mp3 business with their first iPod in 2001. They soon entered the cell phone business in 2007 with their revolutionary iPhone. In 2010, they introduced a product they call revolutionary dubbed the iPad. Does the iPad live up to the standards of Apple’s other products? Continue reading

Nintendo announces 3DS

Nintendo announced to launch 3D-enabled, glasses-free successor to DS series by March 2011; reports indicate late 2010 rollout with thumbstick, rumble, accelerometer. the DS XL is not even out in the US, and Nintendo already has plans for a newer DS. 3DS (unofficial name) seems to have more than just a 3D upgrade. For now, not much is known and we will have to wait for E3.