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Final Fantasy XIII scores big in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 hits 1 million sales on the first day of release in Japan, increasing the total worldwide franchise sales to 92 million units. The game comes to North America and Europe on March 9th for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

For sad North American Gamers (PS3 gamers only)

FFVIII full game is now available on the PSN Store for $10, joining FFVII in the PSOne Classics section.

Sorry 360 gamers. Not much news for you here.

Final Fantasy XIII trailer from TGS

This year’s Tokyo Game Show’s biggest highlight, at least for me, was the Final Fantasy XIII trailer. For those of you who want a taste of the first FF game on next-gen consoles should really take a look. This one is obviously the Japanese version, but with subs.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep small preview

Remember the secret ending after Kingdom Hearts 2. Well if you don’t, I gotcha’ covered.


At first, when I saw this myself after beating KH2, I was expecting it to be a teaser for Kingdom Hearts 3. Last year we found out that this was actually a teaser for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep for PSP. Square hasn’t mentioned anything about the game until now. Here are some catching facts about the game you should know.

– This is a prequel to the series. This game takes place ten years prior to KH1.

– Aqua, Ventus, and Terra (the three knights) are each playable main characters. They seem to be aprentices of Master Xeahnorth (villain of KH2), who was the betraying aprentice of Ansem the Wise. Aqua, Ventus, and Terra are also mentioned in Ansem Report 11 in KH2.

– Since each of the three are playable characters, you can probably stretch the game to 15 hours each. “There’s plot for all three people in each world and the bosses are different for each one, so it’s like having three games in one,” director Nomura said. ”

– The game includes Cinderella’s world and also Lilo and Stich’s world.

– Birth by Sleep still has a tentative “winter” release date in Japan. Nomura commented that the exact date won’t be finalized until Final Fantasy XIII’s is. “Since FFXIII is further ahead in development, I imagine it will come first,” he said, “but I think people will get to play this without waiting too much longer.”

The game will be available in some sort of playable format at the 2009 Tokyo Game Show in late September.

Terra battling someone

Terra battling someone

Tech Tribe Gamers Update: August 27th

crack in time

The upcoming Ratchet & Clank Future: a Crack in Time will be coming on October 7 for the PS3.


Square Enix confirms that there won’t be FFVII remake, at least for now. In the meantime, just buy the $10 original PSX version from the PlayStation Store.

GTA china town wars PSP

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is originally on the DS, but Rockstar has confirmed it for the PSP platform, which will be coming October 1st.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy in stores now


Platform: PSP

Developer: Square Enix

Release Date: 8/25/09

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is here and the game doesn’t leave you short. This PSP game is of the fighting genre which consists of good and bad characters from a whole bunch of Final Fantasy games and forms them into an alliance – Cosmos vs. Chaos. The game does an excellent job with the battle system. When I played it, I understood it in no time and was not button mashing like I do in some other fighting games. The characters in Dissidea: Final Fantasy all have their weapons, skills, and techniques. The maps are are very creative and Ad Hoc mode is available, but no online. If you are expecting a in depth story mode like in most other Final Fantasy games, don’t get your hopes up. The story mode isn’t what makes this game special; it is the addicting battle system that keeps the game together makes it succesful. If you don’t believe me, you can try the demo from the playstion store. I am glad Square Enix went on a different path and they have done a great job.

IGN score: 8.9/10

Gamespot score: 8.5/10

TechTribe score: 8.7/10

Square Enix not having FFXIII demo in US :(


Final Fantasy XIII demo came out in Japan with the Advent Children Blu-ray (Click Here for more on FXIII demo in Japan). It was suppoed to come out in June in US, but it looks the Advent Children Complete Blu-ray movie will be coming alone without the demo. Why? It is because Square Enix does not want Xbox 360 games to be left out since it would technically be an exclusive PS3 demo due to the Blu-ray content. Perhaps we will see FFXIII demo on XBL or PSN in US soon.

Square Enix coming with Mysterious “NEW GAME”


Square Enix recently launched a teaser site of a game titled “NEW GAME.” The teaser site shows the image above with New York City skyline and JFK’s quotes. The site shows nothing else. According to 1up and Joystiq, this “NEW GAME” might be “Front Mission” for Xbox 360. Front Mission will be previewd at E3, and I guessing that’s is when we will find out if this is the “NEW GAME”.