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AT&T Goes Android With Dell Mini 3, Others

AT&T will soon be getting some phones in Android flavor, thanks to this year’s CES.

Dell has announced it’s Mini 3 smartphone, and expects for it to ship in the first half of 201o to AT&T.

The device will most likely carry the specs of a 3.5-inch 640×360 display, Bluetooth, 3 megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, microSD, and GPS.

AT&T themselves have stated that they’ll be launching a total of 5 new android devices for 2010, which will come from Motorola, Dell (mentioned above) and HTC. The Motorola device has a “unique form factor”, and running Blur. HTC will have three devices, one of them being an exclusive deal with AT&T. But hey, that could just mean a case redesign….

Side note: Since Android is coming to AT&T, could this be the end of AT&T and Apple’s exclusivity deal? Uh oh…

The New Dell Adamo spotted


How thin can a laptop get? Well the upcoming Adamo is only 9.99 mm, but it has a completely new design. There is no more fat bar sticking in the back.


Dell Mini 3i Magically Appears for Photoshoot

Yes, this is Dell’s new smartphone. Here’s the official website form China to view the gallery.

[Gallery of Dell Mini 3i Pics]

It’s All Business, Right?

Dell today announced that it’s profits have sunk 63%. Dell says they are counting on Windows 7 to drive business.

BUT, in more important news, is the Palm Pre’s ability to sync with iTunes. How does this work?

The Pre just has to assume an iPod Vendor ID, imitate its file structure and spoof an iPod information file for iTunes. Apple could break that anytime they wanted with a minor update to iTunes. However, it would make Apple look bad. But is this right? Palm is basically REPLICATING an iPod, which is similar to replicating Mac’s just like Pystar did, right? Well, even so, this could blow over because the music must be DRM free, or Apple’s Legal department could see what Palm couldn’t, and sue them or take some legal action for sneaking the Pre into iTunes, and claiming false identity to a program Palm has nothing to do with.

And lastly, Hulu “Desktop” application puts it’s Boxee form right on your computer.


For those who don’t know, Boxee is an open source project for Apple TV which allows you to stream more than Apple TV lets you, such as Hulu. However, Hulu issued a cease and desist to the Boxee folks, and they had to comply, therefore Hulu is no longer on your TV.

Hulu Desktop’s “laid back” design features a Video Panel Designer offering customized embeddable widgets for website owners, a Recommendations section based on what you’ve already watched and a new Time-Based Browsing option to order programs by when they originally aired.

Check it out at Hulu.

Dells Android Netbook

It’s pretty much official, says Dell.

“Integrating Adobe Flash technology with the functionality of Google’s Android platform on the full range of Netbook devices will allow our OEM customers to meet the high expectations their customers have of this new industry segment,” said Bsquare’s CEO Brian Crowley. “As the Netbook and Nettop market segments expand, our Adobe Flash Lite port to Android is just one of the software products we will offer our OEM and ODM customers.”

Did I just see “android platform on netbooks…”?

Dell Introduces Liquid Cooling to XPS 625, 630

2-26-08-xps_630jpgAsetek liquid cooling systems have been added to the Dell XPS 625 & 630 today, which should be considerably more quiet than the standard fan-based system, while also keeping the over-clockers nice and happy. Just be prepared to shell out an extra $120 on top of the $899 and $1,099 base price for the 625 and 630, respectively, and wait until late this month for the liquid-cooled systems to actually ship.

Dell Launches New Laptops, Design Team Fails


Dell announced three new laptops today, all dubbed the “Vostro”.

The 13.3-inchVostro 1320, the 15.4-inch Vostro 1520, and the 17-inch Vostro 1720, all of which come with pre-installed videoconferencing and webcam software (so long as you purchase the integrated webcam and microphone). Furthermore, users can now opt for an SSD in place of the traditional hard drive, a fingerprint reader for added security or an encrypted HDD with Wave Systems software. The whole trio is available today in North America and select South American countries starting at $569 (Vostro 1520), $629 (Vostro 1320), and $649 (Vostro 1720).

But honestly, these laptops are outdated as far as design goes. You can get better deals on laptops, and actually have something pretty to look at. Yet if that doesn’t matter to you, then go for it.