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Warp-up of CES 2010

There were all sorts of new devices shown at CES 2010, but only a few brought huge innovation to the table.


Many new 3-D televisions were introduced at CES such as the Panasonic TC-P50 VT25. Now you can watch Avatar 3-D in your living room.


The Motorola Backflip was introduced, It’s a nice cute phone that has unique features like a backflip keyboard and a touchscreen sensor on the back. It runs Android 1.5 and can be upgraded to 2.1. Its price and carrier will be announced at a later date.


Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid is a netbook-like device with a detachable 11.6 in LED tablet screen all in one unit. The screen has a core processor, therefore making it a seperate entity from the laptop when it is detached. You can use the tablet to use touchscreen features when you use certain applications and even use it as an e-book reader. The price is $999.


Tivit Mobile TV Receiver takes air signal and turns it into Wi-Fi so you can watch TV-channels right on your phone when you’re on the go. It is compatible with the iphone, itouch, blackberries, android phones and PCs. It will be available in March and will cost you around $100.


Intel Wireless Display lets you output your computer screen to a larger display via wireless. The product is simply a Netgear box.

AT&T Goes Android With Dell Mini 3, Others

AT&T will soon be getting some phones in Android flavor, thanks to this year’s CES.

Dell has announced it’s Mini 3 smartphone, and expects for it to ship in the first half of 201o to AT&T.

The device will most likely carry the specs of a 3.5-inch 640×360 display, Bluetooth, 3 megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, microSD, and GPS.

AT&T themselves have stated that they’ll be launching a total of 5 new android devices for 2010, which will come from Motorola, Dell (mentioned above) and HTC. The Motorola device has a “unique form factor”, and running Blur. HTC will have three devices, one of them being an exclusive deal with AT&T. But hey, that could just mean a case redesign….

Side note: Since Android is coming to AT&T, could this be the end of AT&T and Apple’s exclusivity deal? Uh oh…

CES 2010 Starts Today!

The annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) starts today and runs through January 10th. We’ll be sure to round up the most popular keynotes everyday.