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Sprint Settles on “Better Losses”

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We all know Sprint hasn’t been doing fantastic lately. With the iPhone and Blackberry Storm looming over it’s head, it’s hard to believe that they could make it out alive even with help from the Palm Pre (which is to appear later on Verizon’s network). Sprint, who is #3 in the carrier battle in the U.S, posted financial results of a second-quarter loss of $384m and a casualty of 257,000 subscribers. Even though they’ll have the “first 4G network”, are you going to stay, or have stayed, with Sprint?

Weekend Roundup

We’re sorry for skimping on the posts, it’s just that something else has gotten in the way. Either way, normal posting will resume tomorrow (Monday). So let’s get started!

-Windows Marketplace will launch with over 600 apps.

-Man drops iPhone 3GS in pool and it lives to tell the tale

-Sprint thinks it can take a bite out of Apple. Let me say this: Palm was and is dead, it’s only on Sprint (who is also dying), and the iPhone can multi-task. Did I mention how Palm uses someone else’s software to sync music? To stupid to come up with your own media manager? Did I also mention the fact that the keyboard sucks? At least the iPhone has landscape.

5064_96783253510_8389383510_2081632_1728361_n-Android 1.5 gets official SDK.

-MiLi Pro turns your iPhone into a projector. [Read]

Palm Pre now available for Sprint


Introduced at CES 2009 in January, Palm Pre was expected to be an “iPhone killer.” Unfortunately, the Palm Pre is not even close to killing the iphone yet, not to mention the new fast iPhone 3G S. However, it does beat the iPhone in multi-tasking, and it is easily the best phone for Sprint. It runs Palm’s new WebOS and has a physical slide-out keyboard. The browser has zooming capabilities and is smooth. It does have an App Store, but it is in Beta and has only around a dozen Apps currently. The voice quality is great also. The Palm Pre includes Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, and 3G. It is currently available for $199 with 8GB of storage. It has only been two days since its release and we don’t know what the Palm Pre can really do. Can it satisfy the Sprint users as much as the iPhone does to AT&T users? Can the Pre save Palm from the terrible economic crisis it is in? Is the Pre Palm’s and perhaps Sprint’s only hope (this one went a little too far)?

Palm Has Another Field Day

While we all carry our Blackberry’s and iPhone’s with pride, Palm will always be the father of the smartphone. Today, all loyal follower of Palm get to read through the Gesture Guide over at Engadget, watch entire demos of the Pre thanks to PalmPreForum.org, and have a greater view of the cost of the device, and a look at the Eos, a new Palm phone coming to AT&T.

Best Buy has listed their deal on the Palm Pre in an ad that has been run.


Looks like a great deal! Engadget pointed out the $849.00 price tag that has us baffled. That’s far far away in another galaxy from the $550 that Sprint would charge for an off-contract price. What happened? Either way, you aren’t walking out of BestBuy with out the Simply Everything Plan.

And lastly, it seems that AT&T might be getting in on some of that webOS action. The company has given this phone a 2009 release, although we were stunned at some of the missing specs. There seems to be no Wi-Fi, or App Store introduction, and it does not clearly state that MP3 playback or any playback will be supported by the phone. (iPod-like function) There is also no mention of an external card slot to expand memory, leaving users with a mere 3.75 GBs.


Palm Pre Quick News

While the Palm Pre gets ever so closer, we can only watch those sparse YouTube videos of demos, look at screenshots, and sneak across the internet looking for any clue we can find. For those of you who care about the Pre, that including myself even as a pledged iPhone/Mac user, a few news stories leaked information today about the all new webOS god phone.

palm-pre-to-do-memo-web-rm-eng.jpgAs you can see here, lists, post-it-notes, and the web browser for the webOS are shown here. You can find more links with more images and details at the end of this post.

The to-do list and post-it-note features look promising, and will surely hit with a bang if the interface is snappy. If you also notice, at the top left hand corner there appears to be a drop down menu for each application. This would show a small connection to the old PalmOS, and there is no word on if that menu would control app switching, or settings for that app to de-clutter the phone’s OS. It is most likely that the menu is NOT for application switching, due to the introduced “cards” and “banned” feature introduced at the first press event.

The web browser also looks promising, showing off multiple content-heavy pages. Hopefully, the network (Sprint) preforms properly and is speedy.

Meanwhile, Sprint has published a list of apps that they think will be out by the launch date. The picture leaked, and features a “SlingMedia” titled app, which is most likely a SlingPlayer application just like the one recently released for the iPhone.

Palm OS Web Browser, “Memo’s“,

New Palm webOS Phone to Hit AT&T?

palm_eos_engadget_1jpgOMG, turns out AT&T might be getting some webOS on it’s network. The Palm Eos, code named “Castle” is suspected to launch on AT&T.
Here’s the spec list IF it’s coming to AT&T.
  • 4GB storage
  • Price: $349 (pre-rebate)
  • Camera: 2 megapixel fixed focus digital camera and flash / video capture
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 2.1 w/ A2DP and EDR, USB 2.0 via micro USB
  • Removable 1150 mAh battery (4 hours 3G talk time)
  • Messaging: SMS, MMS (picture and video only), integrated IM client
  • Contact sync with AT&T Address Book
  • MediaNet
  • Cellular Video
  • Email: POP3, IMAP4, and EAS support
  • A-GPS
  • Audio: WAV, MP3, AAC, AAC+ ringtones
  • Video Playback: MPEG4, H.264, H.263
  • But wait a minute. The Pre could save Sprint! If this is allowed, what will become of Sprint?
  • And will this be enough to make AT&T NOT CARE about keeping the iPhone to themselves?



Sprint will also be getting this phone in Q3 2009.

Palm Pre release date finally out?


Although no price is yet mentioned, we do know when Palm Pre MIGHT be released. Phone News says that Palm Pre will either be released on May 17th or June 29th depending on the unit level recieved for the stocking and sales. If Sprint will have enough Pres to sell by early May, the release date will remain May 17th. Otherwise, the date will be postponed to June 29th.

Palm, why not just simply tell us the price and announce the real release date already (not that I don’t trust this one)?