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iPhone 3G S Aftermath

After the launch of the iPhone 3G S, Apple has sent out $30 gift cards to those who experienced problems while activating the 3G S. Servers were down momentarily during the launch day, and for some people, iPhones couldn’t be activated for up to 42 hours. The gift cards, as a way of saying “sorry” should be active within the week.

-Believe it or not, but 1 million iPhone 3G S’s have been activated over the past weekend, and the iPhone OS 3.0 has been downloaded 6 million times.

Lastly, Apps have been developed and are ready to launch for the 3G S. A video showcasing a graphics test between the new and old iPhone shows that the 3G S is up to 4 times faster.

Hidden Features of iPhone 3.0


Thanks to forum user “bndoarn” on MacRumors, we know a little more about the recent update to iPhone OS devices. Here are some features not listed but prevalent in iPhone 3.0.

– There is no limit to the number of apps that can be installed (beside storage space). Once you reach the home screen limit, Apps installed after that are installed without an icon but can be accessed in Spotlight. You can also use this to hide any apple application (i.e. weather and stocks), if you get to 11 pages.
– In the Settings -> General -> Home Button you can now set the double click to the new search feature or the camera
– Notes now has data detectors. Links are clickable, phone numbers are callable, email address are emailable, and address are locatable (using Maps)
– When a phone call interrupts you, after the phone call you are taken back to the app you were in before you were interrupted
– You can now have 11 home screen pages instead of nine
– Now there is a different way to force quit apps. now you have to hold the sleep/wake button until the red slider appears, then you press and hold down the home button to quit the app

iPhone 3.0! TweetDeck! Xbox! Fighting!

Okay, today was a little hectic because of iPhone 3.0’s release. The improvements are notable, and worth the wait! (We’ll have a review up soon)

To start off, Apple has commented that “they are aware that 3rd parties are using their software, and at any time that software may not work as expected due to software updates”. Obviously, Apple is calling Palm out here, almost yanking the already short leash Palm is on with iTunes. Palm returned with “we aren’t afraid and will do what is necessary to keep flawless syncing alive” Ugh.


AT&T has also reconsidered the plans for iPhone 3G owners. Those who would be eligible in July through September can get the discounted price ($199 for 16GB, $299 for 32GB) on the iPhone 3G S. Yay. Did I mention MMS and Tethering still aren’t available?

Tweet Deck for iPhone is also out. For those of you who don’t Tweet like your fellow tech community, Tweet Deck is an extensive desktop application for Twitter, built off of the Adobe Air platform for both Mac + PC. The application is quite amazing, and it’s free. First reports from the users say that Tweet Deck is fun, snappy, and worth the price of FREE and it even syncs with it’s desktop counterpart!


For all of those fans who would like their online gaming to-go, NGMoco (creators of Topple for iPhone) are expected to release their version of Xbox-Live for the iPhone tomorrow. The app, Ngmoco +, will allow gamers to create profiles, keep track of friends, records and gaming history across multiple games. It’ll be completely free.


Lastly, there are still some hackers out there, well, at least some 10 year old kids who think they know how to hack, still wishing that they could keep their jail broken iPhone. The iPhone Dev Team have put together “ultrasn0w” which is slated to unlock, jail break, and mystify your iPhone once again.

MMS Won’t Cost Extra If….

iphone-mmsAT&T has just made clear that iPhone users will be able to use MMS for free, IF they have a texting package active on their iPhone. Rejoice all you iPhone users! (Unless you don’t text, but then why would you send an MMS?)

iPhone Rumor Spikes Higher W/ 32GB Model

I’ll be short and brief since it seems that Apple rumors are as rampant as ever.


New rumors have surfaced about iPhone versions, begging the question of Apple bringing back the 4GB model with EDGE only. 4GB to 32GB models have been predicted, along with front facing video cameras to support iChat, and a new iPhone restriction that would plug up a certain loop hole.

This loop hole allows you to sign in as yourself on someone else’s iPhone and download your paid apps again, leaving them on the phone for iTunes to copy over on the next sync. A new (and rumored) feature would only allow you to re-download apps on your computer, and not your iPhone.


iPhone Beta 5

The iPhone OS 3.0 beta has been seeded to developers. More wonderful enhancements to follow.

Tue. & Wed. Apple Roundup

-Apple Job listing for “Communications QA Engineer hints at 3G MacBooks.

“The Comms Software QA team within the Mac Hardware Group is seeking a motivated QA engineer to perform quality assurance testing for new Apple CPU Products.

Duties for this position include, but are not limited to:

– Testing and reporting hardware, software, and device driver bugs for Communications technologies including AirPort (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth v2.0, gigabit Ethernet, and/or 3G Wireless WAN in a detailed, timely manner.”

– iPhone 3.0 software cures the blurry camera problem

– FTC probe investigating two board members of Apple AND Google for suspected agreement on lowering competition between the two companies.

– Mac OSX 10.5.7 9J60 seeded to developers, expected Friday?