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Zune HD Out NOW + 4.0 Software + Crackdown

Well, those of you who have been waiting for a Zune HD (and that probably wasn’t many) have finally met their deadline. The Zune HD is out now and ready for purchase.


Software 4.0 was also released which includes:

  • Quickplay menu: quick access from your Zune HD to your favorite media including those you most recently added or played
  • Smart DJ: Like Apple’s Genius, Smart DJ creates like-minded music mixes. It also adds music from the Zune Marketplace if you have a Zune Pass.
  • Mini Player Mode: Keeps a mini version of the player on top of your PC apps
  • Download to own: For the first time you can download-to-own or rent full movies and TV shows in SD or HD formats.
  • Older Zunes get a “3.2” update

Apps have also been confirmed for the device:

“Later this year, Zune plans to release free applications such as Twitter for Zune and Facebook for Zune, in addition to fun 3-D games such as “Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition,” “Vans Sk8: Pool Service” and “Audiosurf(TM) Tilt.” Games can be added to Zune HD via Zune Marketplace over the Wi-Fi connection or when connected to the Zune PC software.”

There’s even a tear down of the device which includes:


” the NVIDIA Tegra SoC, SiPORT HD Radio module, Toshiba-sourced flash NAND, a 2.45Wh battery, Wolfson MIcro WM8352 audio subsystem, and Foxconn logo confirming its manufacturing origin.”

[Thanks to Engadget]

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Zune HD Colors Revealed

zunehd-colors-08-13-09Shown here, the new Zune HD will be available in (approximate colors) Skyish Blue, Jet Black, Olive Green, Burgundy, and Snow White. That’s right, you get another choice when buying you new Zune HD in the color department. Hooray!

Zune HD Out September 15th, A Couple People Care…

Thanks to this leaked shot of a store display, we all know that the Zune HD will be out on September 15th. OMG.


Previews and Reviews


First on the list of our previews, and reviews, is the world exclusive DJ Hero trailer.

The game features over 80 new mixes never before heard, and is also said to release with a Jay-Z and Eminem (rappers) version. This special edition will come with both artists works, an exclusive controller, DJ stand, and a metal carrying case.

Along with that, Guitar Hero 5 has been slated for a September 1st release, one week before Rock Band: Beatles.

A MAG Preview, which was a multiplayer war game for PS3 on steroids has been posted by G4, along with their Bionic Commando and Punch-Out Wii reviews. MAG has been described as massively amazing, because while featuring a command system similar to “commander controls battalions who control soldiers” and allowing each player to gain the experience to play every command position, the game also boasts a 256 person multiplayer online mode. PS3 fans, be very excited.

Bionic Commando has become quite a let down among the gaming community. While some kind of combat system exists, and the new bionic arms works well, the game lacks any sense of open world gameplay, often keeping you on a narrow track. When ever you run off of this track, you are greeted by a magical radioactive area while kills you almost instantly. Most people feel that Bionic Commando should be more open, because that is what the equipment in the game applies.

Punch-Out isn’t for the light gamers either. The first Punch-Out for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) was extremely hard with each character becoming increasingly stronger, bigger, and more clever with every round. While the visuals have been completely revamped and new characters added, the game remains the same with it’s original characters, ever challenging you until you burst into a frenzy of random punches that eventually lead to a sweaty hand and a broken TV. You may also attach the Wii Balance Board to preform dodges in the game.

HTC’s new TouchPro2 has also been previewed by PocketNow.com with somewhat giddy joy from it’s reviewer.

And lastly, the new Zune HD has been handled and seems like it’s got its touch screen correct.

Touch Pack for Windows 7

504x_surface_5F00_globe_5F00_1DA06BA0Microsoft’s expanding Windows 7’s  to include multi-touch applications with the multi-touch powers with Touch Pack for Windows 7. Three are Surface apps included like the Virtual Earth 3D Surface Globe and Surface Collage. The other three are awesome-looking games. However, the Touch Pack will only work with Win7 PC’s. The video below has a little demo of the Touch Pack applications on Windows 7.

Also, for the few Zune fans in the audience, Engadget has  a hands on with the Zune HD featuring crisp pictures of the device close up.


Zune HD Confirmed with Multitouch and OLED

Zune-HD_hi-rez_01.jpgMicrosoft has confirmed it’s awaited (by the 5 people who own Zunes) Zune HD. The new Zune line is speculated to hit shelves in the “early Fall” yet Microsoft didn’t skimp on details for the release. The new Zune has a 3.3″ 16:9 widescreen capacitive OLED screen which includes multi-touch function, bringing a 480×272 resolution with it. BEWARE HOWEVER that the “HD” branding comes from it’s ability to stream HD radio and HD video OUT (720p) and not the ability to play HD movies in their full glory. A docking station will become available later. This will be the world’s first device to include and support HD Radio, which provides much better sound quality along with song and artist info. The Zune also encourages you to keep the WiFi turned on, as it will feature a mobile multitouch browser based on ……. INTERNET EXPLORER. That part … isn’t so great. More info about any Xbox integration will come at E3.

No pricing, storage capacities, and GUI pictures or demos have been given.

iPod Touch HD/Tablet anyone? Let’s see what WWDC can do.

Zune HD photos appear


Engadget seems to some nice images for Zune HD. Only one of the five images actually seems realistic. From the looks of things, it has a bigger screen and probably has better UI and video res judging by the name. Take a look at more Zune HD images at Engadget.