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Command & Conquer 4 Disappoints

Tis a sad day for many PC gamers today, for Command & Conquer 4, a much anticipated real-time strategy follow up to the “Tiberium” series, has proved to be subsequently lower in quality than expected.

We do not review PC games currently, but consensus is that the game, while answering many questions in the story line and fulfilling fans in story mode, the game ultimately suffers from every which way.

Most noted are :

-meager tasks are difficult at best

-terrible level design

-multiplayer games play out the same every time thanks to small maps and mobile bases

-can not gain advantages by sheer numbers

-units match themselves equally, meaning no real blockbuster wins

-must be online to play even the single player

As GameSpy has said, the game plays out most of the time like this:

“We’ve captured Node 1.”

“The enemy has Node 2.”

“We’ve captured Node 2.”

“The enemy has Node 1.”


Gaming Update: July 23rd ’09

Here the interesting stories from the gaming world that you may have missed.

-Microsoft announces “Halo” anime miniseries [Joystiq]

-Xbox 360 and Nintendo DS see growth, Sony falls 30% [Read]

-Guitar Hero and Rock band sales down significantly, similar to DDR’s [Read]

-Mirrors Edge could have been on PSP, DS, and Wii. [Read]faithsbackboneSam Raimi is set to direct an ACTUAL World of Warcraft movie. [Read]

Blizzard Releases W.o.W iPhone App


Blizzard has released an official World of Warcraft free iPhone app that lets WoW users view their characters’ stats, check PvP rankings, browse the game’s armory database in detail, run talent calculations and access their in-game calendars from their phones (or an iPod Touch).

People who work at World of Warcraft.com have posted their impressions. You can check them out here.

World of Warcraft Demoed on iPhone?

While this video certainly seems realistic, and makes many WOW fans imagine what life could be like with their Warcraft on the go, it probably will take up your battery in about, oh, 5 minutes, not to mention the kind of bandwidth the app would need. However, this may be possible due to the fact that AT&T plans to upgrade their network. Could this be a possible $50 app in the future?