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Final Fantasy XIII scores big in Japan

Final Fantasy XIII for PS3 hits 1 million sales on the first day of release in Japan, increasing the total worldwide franchise sales to 92 million units. The game comes to North America and Europe on March 9th for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

For sad North American Gamers (PS3 gamers only)

FFVIII full game is now available on the PSN Store for $10, joining FFVII in the PSOne Classics section.

Sorry 360 gamers. Not much news for you here.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy in stores now


Platform: PSP

Developer: Square Enix

Release Date: 8/25/09

Dissidia: Final Fantasy is here and the game doesn’t leave you short. This PSP game is of the fighting genre which consists of good and bad characters from a whole bunch of Final Fantasy games and forms them into an alliance – Cosmos vs. Chaos. The game does an excellent job with the battle system. When I played it, I understood it in no time and was not button mashing like I do in some other fighting games. The characters in Dissidea: Final Fantasy all have their weapons, skills, and techniques. The maps are are very creative and Ad Hoc mode is available, but no online. If you are expecting a in depth story mode like in most other Final Fantasy games, don’t get your hopes up. The story mode isn’t what makes this game special; it is the addicting battle system that keeps the game together makes it succesful. If you don’t believe me, you can try the demo from the playstion store. I am glad Square Enix went on a different path and they have done a great job.

IGN score: 8.9/10

Gamespot score: 8.5/10

TechTribe score: 8.7/10

Square Enix lifetime sales, Final Fantasy XIII details


You might be wondering how many Final Fantasy games were sold in total over the last two decades. Thanks to Kotaku, we found out the lifetime sales of Square Enix’s most popular franchises. 

– Final Fantasy has sold a total of 85 million units.

– Dragon Quest has sold a total of 47 million units.

– Kingdom Hearts has sold a total of 12 million units.


Speaking of Final Fantasy, FFXIII will be released this Winter! 1UP has some of the details on the game.

Thanks to Geekologie for the image

Final FantasyXIII release date announced!!!

ps3_ff13_displayGuess what? FFXIII will be coming out this Decemeber. I can’t belive Square Enix presented just a great news. The question is how they pulled this off in such a short amount of time? 

Answer: They didn’t