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Shadow of the Colossus…..Movie, not game

shadow-of-the-colossus1Shadow of the colossus is a popular PS2 title, which came a out a few years ago and was a very unique game. This game looked beautiful, and had a very different gameplay that everyone will love. If you don’t remember, the game had 16 monsters that you had to look for and kill in order to revive your love. I really loved the game, qand I have high hopes for the movie that might come out for it as well. What? Movie? Yes! Well it is just a rumor. Shadow of the Colossus might hit the big screen sometime later.  We have a few of our sources that say that it is picked up by Sony Pictures and Kevin Misher will be producing it. He is known for Scorpion KingThe Interpreter, and the upcoming Dune. So hopefully our sources like 1up and Joystiq turn out to be correct and the movie does come out.

PS2 Pricecut, Now Available for $99


There had been rumor last week that Sony was going to surprise us with a new announcement on Tuesday. People made guesses to what it was going to be. I guessed it was going to be the PS3 pricecut. Instead, Sony announced the PS2 price dropping down to $99. The PS2 has been in the game business for almost a decade. It is by far the most sold console, and it is owned by about 136 million humans. Although it may be a disappointment to some, Sony made a smart move. They want their PS2 to be the driving the profit that PS3 could not achieve (well atleast for now). PS2 has yet to compete with the Wii, which has been dominating the 360 and the PS3 in sales. As for the PS3 pricecut, it seems impossible for Sony to drop the PS3 price down considering it is expensive to make.

Sony Says “No Price Cut”, New Services Inbound?


A rumored Sony event is to happen tomorrow, and this comes right after Sony announced that they aren’t planning a PS3 price cut any time soon. Keep in mind that Sony has lost about more than 50% or their usual earnings, heavily due to the PlayStation divisions lag. Also said to be announced is a PlayStation cloud service after a patent was found filed by Sony for a “PSCloud” service. Will Sony make it back to the top? The PS2 is also expected to fall to $99.