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Mozilla Wants “Firefox Home” on App Store

Firefox wants their own web browser on the App Store following Opera’s recent (approved) success: Opera Mini.

The Mozilla App, dubbed “Firefox Home”, is set to be a weird, almost incomplete browser that is meant to sync your tabs, bookmarks, and history between your iDevice and your computer. It is expected to browse the rest of the web however. It has yet to be approved as of writing. VIDEO after the break:

Mozilla Firefox 3.6 in the house

Mozilla debuted Firefox 3.6 on Thursday, introducing significant under-the-hood changes that make it faster, help it render content better, and a few visual tweaks, as well. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, the most apparent changes in Firefox 3.6 are improvements made to the TraceMonkey JavaScript rendering engine, making it about 20 percent faster than when it debuted in Firefox 3.5, according to Mozilla. Finally Firefox has caught up to the speed of Chrome.

Firefox also has new themes that they call Personas. Unlike the themes before, you can change these instantly and don’t have to get separated add-ons for it.

Download the Personas file here and you should be all set. Make sure your Firefox is updated first.

Firefox 3.5 Hits, Available NOW

Mozilla has released their long awaited update to their popular and free web browser with Firefox 3.5

“Originally envisioned as a quick follow-up to 2008’s release of Firefox 3.0, Mozilla ended up packing in quite a few extra features into its flagship browser and spent months making sure that Firefox 3.5 was the fastest, most powerful Firefox yet.

Firefox 3.5 brings with it entirely new and much faster rendering engines for both static web pages and the JavaScript code that powers today’s complex web-based applications. There are new privacy features, new capabilities for playing video and audio files and improved search tools. There are also a handful of other new features that should prove useful for both Firefox devotees and newcomers alike.”

Get it now.

Mozilla Firefox 3.5 Beta


The forth Firefox 3.5 beta is now available here. Some of the notable changes and features include: faster TraceMonkey engine for running Web sites’ JavaScript programsbuilt-in JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) technology for exchanging data between servers and browsers; support for tags to describe audio and video content the way images have been available for years; the private browsing mode for leaving no traces on your computer while surfing; support for technology to let permitted applications know the user’s location; and support for the Web workers standard for letting a browser perform processing in the background without holding back a Web application’s user interface.

[via CNET]

Mozilla Reveals Roadmap

the_firefox_by_djogjpgAlthough Firefox 3.5 is yet to be released, Mozilla has already started planning the next version, which has tentatively been designated 3.6, with the codename Namoroka. Firefox 3.6 is loosely scheduled for release in 2010. This new version mainly features on security, customization, and they are also trying to make the browser lightweight in a competitive market full of “lightweight” browsers. (What’s happening to desktop applications?)You can see the full roadmap here.