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Warp-up of CES 2010

There were all sorts of new devices shown at CES 2010, but only a few brought huge innovation to the table.


Many new 3-D televisions were introduced at CES such as the Panasonic TC-P50 VT25. Now you can watch Avatar 3-D in your living room.


The Motorola Backflip was introduced, It’s a nice cute phone that has unique features like a backflip keyboard and a touchscreen sensor on the back. It runs Android 1.5 and can be upgraded to 2.1. Its price and carrier will be announced at a later date.


Lenovo IdeaPad U1 Hybrid is a netbook-like device with a detachable 11.6 in LED tablet screen all in one unit. The screen has a core processor, therefore making it a seperate entity from the laptop when it is detached. You can use the tablet to use touchscreen features when you use certain applications and even use it as an e-book reader. The price is $999.


Tivit Mobile TV Receiver takes air signal and turns it into Wi-Fi so you can watch TV-channels right on your phone when you’re on the go. It is compatible with the iphone, itouch, blackberries, android phones and PCs. It will be available in March and will cost you around $100.


Intel Wireless Display lets you output your computer screen to a larger display via wireless. The product is simply a Netgear box.

Intel’s LightPeek Was Apple’s Idea?

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Last week, Intel showed off it’s new astounding technology, named “LightPeek”. Light Peak is an optical interconnect for mobile devices and it can run as fast as 10Gbps. That’s fast enough to do everything from storage to displays to networking, and it can maintain those speeds over 100-meter runs, which is pretty astounding. Intel says “the idea is to drastically reduce the number of connectors on mobile devices, which should allow them to get even smaller.”


Right. Too bad it wasn’t Intel’s idea!

Engadget has learned from a “very reliable source” that Apple came to Intel in 2007 to start developing the technology. What makes this really odd is that the reliable source knows that Steve Jobs talked directly to Paul Otellini (Intel), and that the technology was designed specifically for devices without a lot of real estate for ports, a.k.a a tablet.

Apple has set it’s sights on a new standard, meaning this “Light Peek” tech. What’s so notable about this, however, is that the folks at Cupertino are pushing hard, and I mean HARD, to get this into production no matter when SATA or USB 3.0 releases. This is very reminiscent of the USB/iMac story, in which Intel created the USB, and Apple popularized it.

Quick Round Up for Tuesday

Here’s the roundup for Tuesday, September 22nd.

Apple adds “iPhone Activation Zones” to it’s stores. Is AT&T no longer needed for the process?

000636-activation_zone_1Google adds support for Gmail Push on iPhone. the introduction of Gmail support into the Exchange ActiveSync mix was announced today. Any phone with Exchange support should theoretically be able to get in on the action. (Theoretically because they are only claiming support for iPhone and WinMo phones)

Intel showed off a 22nm wafer with 2.9 billion transistors in it. Intel says it should be available in 2011.


Intel’s Moblin 2.0 Beta has be released

moblin 2.0

Moblin is Intel’s Linux-based OS made for Netbooks and smartphones. The Beta for Moblin 2.0 has now been released. You can download it yourself here. With its amazing user interface, Moblin 2.0 is easily the best Linux OS for Netbooks. The OS lets you do all the things you need easily and smoothly. Whether you want to browse the Internet or listen to music, Moblin is the way to go for Netbooks. The video below shows an impressive demo of Mobile 2.0. 

Visit Ars Technica for Hands-on

Intel Shows New Processor

intel-larrabee-processor-sh.jpgTurns out Larrabee is might be the real deal and launching soon. Thanks to a demo given by Intel’s CTO Justin Rattener gave a demo of the new Larrabee Processor. PC Perspective asked Intel about the new processor, and Intel responded by saying that the Larrabee processor is “in it’s labs and healthy”.

AMD Reorganizes, Intel People Are Rockstars

AMD has completed the consuming of ATI. The company is now centered around four specific areas: products, future technology, marketing, and customer relations.

Engadget: ATI holdover Rick Bergman, who had also be head of the subsidiary known internally as the Graphics Product Group, will head up the products division with the goal of unifying the GPU and CPU teams (not necessarily the products).

And by the way, Nerds are total rockstars.