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HP buys Palm for $1.2 billion

It was obvious someone would buy Palm, but I didn’t think Hewlett-Packard was the top contender. HP bought all of Palms stocks for $1.2 billion, and while there are plenty of transition details to work out, HP is definitely is getting the WebOS asset. Whether or not HP will invest to compete against Apple, Google, and Microsoft or simply use the WebOS for its tablets is unsure. We have to give them a few months to get all the details set.

Steve Ballmer Introduces HP Slate w/ Windows 7

Steve Ballmer gave his keynote today at CES, and while calling upon many antics to lighten up the news, he still had quite a few technical problems.

Anyway, he also demoed a new tablet device! The HP designed device will carry Windows 7 on board, and will be “almost as fast as a mainstream computer, and will be much faster than any smart phone.” The exact specifications are unclear, but we can tell you that the device seems to be a touch bigger than an ebook reader. Here’s a little preview:

HP LX195 Windows Home Server – $390

lx195jpgIf there is a problem with every computer in the world, it would have to be missing “auto-backup” features. It’s never fun to have a hard drive fail on you, and lose all your data. Even so, servers are expensive for people with tons of data. Introducing the HP MediaSmart LX195 Home Server. It includes 640GB of storage, and four rear USB ports. While there are no internal hard drive slots, it does have gigabit¬†ethernet, which for its Time Machine like¬†capabilities, is worth it to me. Back up your families data for only $390. Buy it @ eCost.

HP Pavilion DV2-1030 hits


Previewed at the CES this 3 months ago, HP Pavilion DV2 is now available for $750. It runs on the AMD Neo 1.6Ghz processor, which is decent. It comes with a 4 GB of memory, 320 GB hard drive, and obviously runs on VISTA home premium. As for the GPU, it has ATI Mobility Radeon HD3410. It looks quite sexy; it weighs 4 pounds, it is 1″ thick, and has a 12.1 inch screen size. The notebook is of a low price because of the size, but it certainly looks very sexy.¬†

[via HP]