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Playstation “Plus” for $49/year, Brings Exclusive Content

During Sony’s E3 keynote, they announced that while the basic PSN service will stay free, there will be an upper tier for those willing to pay.

For $49 a year, or $18 for three months, those paying more for the service will get the following bonuses:

  • Exclusive in-game DLC and other content
  • Free full games, changing each month
  • Early access to demos and betas
  • Auto-patching feature, which will detect, download and install updates

Sony has already released the content list for July including Wipeout HD, a demo for inFamousFieldrunnersAge of ZombiesRallycross and a handful of themes and avatars for free. Is it worth shelling out the cash?

PS3’s Malfunction Like the Zunes, Programmer’s Revenge?

Oops, looks like someones messed up big. Reports flooded in over night of PS3 owners not being able to use their PS3s for gaming, or access the PSN.

Sony reports that they are looking into the problem, but users aren’t too happy, because the error they’re experiencing (8001050F) is causing game crashes, corrupted trophy info, and the inability to launch certain titles. This is similar to the midnight lockdown of all the Zunes quite a while ago.

However, Blu-Ray functions are not affected, and the newer PS3 slims are looking just dandy.

UPDATE: Sony says they’ve fixed the issue. Resume the gaming!

PSP 4000? Already?

Little Big Planet just released for the PSP and it will be coming in a bundle soon. The following devices that it will be bundled with are shown in the picture: PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP-4000, and PSPgo (PSP-N1000). That’s right….. It says PSP-4000. Forget being released, it hasn’t even been announced yet.

Well I will consider this as an unofficial PSP-4000 announcement, considering Sony didn’t make a typo. It isn’t a surprise because the PSP is really falling behind even with the improved line-up of games.

Sony you better know what you are doing.

PlayStation Reaches it’s 15th Anniversary!

15 years ago today, the PlayStation One was launched in Japan, and started a new gaming revolution. Sega had released it’s “Saturn” console already, but thanks to the PlayStation’s low price, strong line up of games, and stunning 3D graphics, it brought gaming to an older audience. It also marked the beginning of a new (and mainly successful) division for Sony.

Nintendo may have been the original, but Sony certainly holds it’s place it many gamers’ hearts. At least the PS1 wasn’t $600.

What’s your fondest memory of the PlayStation brand?

Sony’s New Wireless Data Transfer Chips Could Take the Lead

Charging your phone wirelessly is possible, and it’s a great perk to have, but wouldn’t it be nice if the method you use to wirelessly charge your phone could  transfer data too? Sony thinks they have taken the cake with their new chips.

Sony has begun pushing out it’s first try at the subject, named the “Transfer Jet LSI” (chip), and is trying to be the first in industry adoption of short range wireless transmission technology. This new chip would allow for a *pretend* 560Mbps wireless transfer to a distance of about 3cm. (Real world Mbps would be more like 375Mbps) This standard is backed by some heavy competitors like Nikon, Casio, Kodak, Canon, Samsung, Olympus, and cellphone manufacturers Toshiba and Sony Ericsson.

You can get small samples now for about $17 in either PCI or SDIO-connector flavors.


Sony Gets Closer to Wireless EVERYTHING :O

It’s nice to have wireless things. Wireless controllers, chargers, remotes, etc. It’s like wires are completely out. Expect for power, video, etc. Sony’s aim is to cure that problem, and they’re pretty close.

500x_sony-wireless-powerGizmodo says:

Sony’s Wireless Power Transfer can push 60 watts of electrical energy over almost 20 inches (50 centimeters). That’s a pretty decent distance, especially when they say that it can be extended using passive extender units. In fact, they have already achieved 31 inches in other tests.

They claim that their method—which sounds similar to Intel’s—uses some dharmastastic magnetic resonance, in which electromagnetic energy gets transmitted from one device to another, both sharing the same resonant frequencies.

I want it now.

The Hatred on PS3 Turns…. With 999% Goodness!

It seems like the PS3 has hit it’s bottom floor, and is quickly on it’s way back up again. The company has already boosted profits an amazing 999% up in the UK!

So it’s really like a few people bought the PS3. And then, after the price cut, EVERYBODY bought a PS3!

ffxiii0908More importantly, however, the release date and price for Final Fantasy XIII has been set. The game will be out in stores on December 17th, 2009. BE WARNED though, the final price will be a whopping $97. There will also be a hardware bundle accompanying the game, yet no details have been released on that yet.

EVEN BETTER for PS3 owners today, Sony demoed a “High Res Image Enlargement Engine” that basically gives PSP and PS3 infinite zoom.