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Android 2.2 Will Bring Flash, Kindle This Summer

Google and Adobe sure do like each other – a lot – as they are showcasing the seamless Flash experience that will be available with Android 2.2.

The update is supposed to bring 450 percent performance improvement and  amazingly crisp Flash playback. It will also give you a list of flash-enabled sites (counteracting the HTML5 list that Apple displays). Sadly, most of the websites are in mobile form, meaning you won’t be getting the whole web experience. Wait, what? Yes, it’s true.

Amazon also wants to snuggle up to Google in a move to bring Kindle app to the Android Marketplace (which has recently undergone some aesthetic design changes). They hope to bring their entire bookshelf to the Android by this summer.

AT&T Goes Android With Dell Mini 3, Others

AT&T will soon be getting some phones in Android flavor, thanks to this year’s CES.

Dell has announced it’s Mini 3 smartphone, and expects for it to ship in the first half of 201o to AT&T.

The device will most likely carry the specs of a 3.5-inch 640×360 display, Bluetooth, 3 megapixel auto-focus camera with flash, microSD, and GPS.

AT&T themselves have stated that they’ll be launching a total of 5 new android devices for 2010, which will come from Motorola, Dell (mentioned above) and HTC. The Motorola device has a “unique form factor”, and running Blur. HTC will have three devices, one of them being an exclusive deal with AT&T. But hey, that could just mean a case redesign….

Side note: Since Android is coming to AT&T, could this be the end of AT&T and Apple’s exclusivity deal? Uh oh…

Headlines Missed from Last Week

Bamboo Multi-Touch outed, only $69 somehow at BestBuy. It was unboxed and reviewed.

Android SDK 1.6 available now.

Nintendo DSi coming to America in pink and white colors.


Snow Leopard already more than double Leopard sales.

Music Industry wants royalties for the 30 sec preview in iTunes. They probably won’t get it, since the interweb community has lashed out against it.

Motorola first Anroid phone: Cliq


We heard earlier this year that Motorola was making an Android phone for T-Mobile. The rumor was definitely true. Motorola introduced its first Android (1.5 cupcake) phone: Cliq.

This touchscreen smartphone includes a lot of features such as : MotionBlur, new widgets, HTML Google browser, Google maps, Picasa, Google Voice Search, Gtalk, e_mail client, and QuickOffice Suite. It has 3G capabilities, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS, and a 5-megapixel camera. The phone comes preloaded with Amazon mp3 store, Youtube, Shazam, LastFM, and Imeem. Not only that, it streams updates from Facebook, Twitter, and Myspace on your home page. Rated talk time is 6 hours and up to 13.5 days of standby time.

The Motorola Cliq will come to T-Mobile later this fall.

Can the Moto Cliq stand up to the iPhone or even the Pre? They have got lots of competition ahead of them.


Palm’s All About Open and Free! Unless You Try to Use Their Stuff…

We all know that Palm loves to be open and free, considering they think they can use anyone’s software for free.

Palm has unleashed its legal team on the makers of the aptly-named “Palm Pre Android Theme” that borrows icons, wallpapers, and all around feel from the Palm Pre.

palm-pre-android-themePalm is uptight here about graphics copyrights and trademark infringement — and the company is demanding that they cease use of the Pre’s interface, name, etc. Palm comes out and says that it “appreciates that imitation is the most sincere form of flattery,”however, they’re worried about consumers confusing it for the Pre. It’s not like they would think that was an iPhone…

Weekend Roundup

We’re sorry for skimping on the posts, it’s just that something else has gotten in the way. Either way, normal posting will resume tomorrow (Monday). So let’s get started!

-Windows Marketplace will launch with over 600 apps.

-Man drops iPhone 3GS in pool and it lives to tell the tale

-Sprint thinks it can take a bite out of Apple. Let me say this: Palm was and is dead, it’s only on Sprint (who is also dying), and the iPhone can multi-task. Did I mention how Palm uses someone else’s software to sync music? To stupid to come up with your own media manager? Did I also mention the fact that the keyboard sucks? At least the iPhone has landscape.

5064_96783253510_8389383510_2081632_1728361_n-Android 1.5 gets official SDK.

-MiLi Pro turns your iPhone into a projector. [Read]

Google I/0 Keynote 2009

Google keynote

This year’s Google I/0 focused on the creation of rich browser-based applications. To do the job, Google came up with HTML 5, which is improved in the following categories: Canvas, Video, Geolocation, Database and App Cache, and Web Workers.

1) Canvas – intrinsic to the web, works with JavaScript, CSS and the DOM. Pixel-level control drawing on the web.

2) Video – Video in the browser is tough today because it’s about plug-ins. Now a new video tag.

3) Geolocation – All apps could be better with geolocation.

4) Database and App Cache – Store what you need locally to make applications faster.

5) Web Workers – The past problems of having the browser freeze. Background processing now possible with these new standards.

As you Chrome is the fastest browser on PC (will come on Mac and Linux, currently Alpha), but it lacks meany features that Firefox contains. While Mozilla Firefox came up with Jetpack, Google is working at its best to keep the Chrome up with features. You will certainly see that in HTML 5. While HTML 5 is also available for Safari and Opera, Internet Explorer is left in the dust.

android facts

Google 1/0 keynote also mentioned a little about Android. Currently, the Android v1.5 is code-named Cupcake. The next version will be called “Donut.” google claims that Android’s browser is the second best in the world (after iPhone’s Safari) and they plan to make it even better. The image above shows some accomplisments Android has achieved in the past 7 months.

[Thanks TechCrunch for the amazing overview]