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The Gundam Rises

The life like Gundam robot build was finished in Japan, and lit up today. Gundam is a popular anime series featuring robot suits similar to Transformers, but came much earlier than the Transformer movies. gundam_6


PS3 outsells Wii in Japan once again


PS3 does it again in Japan for two consecturive months, and this time it is by a huge margin mostly because of FFXIII demo that came out (click the link for more on FXIII demo driving PS3 sales).  PS3 sales in April came out to be 108,530 compared to 67,116  sales for the Nintendo Wii, while Xbox 360 is left in the dust with 27,381 units sold. About 60% of the PS3 sales mostly came towards the end of April. I wonder why?

HINT: FFXIII demo was released towards the end of April.

[via Reuters]

Final Fantasy XIII demo drives PS3 sales

advent-children-completeIncase you don’t know, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete (movie) came out for Blu-ray in Japan last week and it features Final Fantasy XIII demo. Don’t worry. US will be getting this deal as well in June.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Complete sold over a 100,000 copies on the first day, which is the record for the most Blu-ray sales in a day. Of course, FFXIII demo had a huge contribution.

 A week before the Advent Children Complete release, PS3 only had sold only 16,701 units. During the week Advent Children was released, which was last week, PS3 sales moved up all the way to 62,527! The Blu-ray and a demo release almost quadrupled the sales. PS3 was a clear winner in sales in Japan last week. Take a look at the sales chart below.

PS3 – 62,527
PSP – 40,065
DSi – 38,287
Wii – 13,221
Xbox 360 – 8,652
DS Lite – 6,438
PS2 – 4,230

Thanks to EDGE for the sales chart

Final Fantasy VII and FFXIII Demo for Japan PSN only


Final Fantasy VII classic PS version is now available on Japan’s PSN for 1500 yen. Remember when Killzone 2 demo was released earlier in Europe’s PSN. A lot of people accessed it by simply making a European PSN account, and got the demo for free. FFVII is not a demo! So you can’t cheat, and make a Japanese PSN account to download this unless you can come up with a way to get some yen in your pocket. If only Sony could make the US PSN as good as Japan’s so I could get my hands on the PS classic on my PSP. 

On the other hand FFXIII demo will be out in Japan with the Final fantasy Advent Children Complete deal. 1Up has more details on the FFXIII demo.

PS3 outsold the Wii in Japan

japan-flagFor the first time in 16 months, PS3 has outsold the Wii in Japan in the month of March. PS3 hit 146,948 units, compared with 99,335 units of the Wii and 43,172 units of Microsoft’s Xbox 360. Xbox 360 sales turned out to be less the the PS2’s. While on the the other hand, the portable devices were far ahead than the others with DS at the top and PSP following it. It is a big achievement for Sony and their hard work is strating to payoff. But many say that this trend won’t keep up for long. Anyways, March turned out to be a lucky month for the PS3~ atleast in Japan.