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Steve Jobs Passes Away, We Take Leave

As many of you already know, Steve Jobs has passed away.

We’d like to say thank you to Steve for pushing humanity forward. We’ll forever be different thinkers, forever be foolish, and forever be hungry.

Tech Tribe News has also taken a leave of absence from the website effective immediately. We hope that in the future we can relaunch our website.

Thank you.


Special Event From Apple Sept.1 Announced

Yes, like always, Apple has sent out its invitations to select media outlets for a “special event” on September 1st.

This time however, it seems the rumors are at an all time high. Expectations of the event include the fourth generation iPod Touch (with Retina Display and dual cameras for FaceTime), cloud support for iTunes, $0.99 TV shows and TV show rentals, a touch screen iPod Shuffle, and a $99 Apple TV (possibly rebranded iTV).

Also, could there be a relation between this event and Lady Gaga’s appearance at Cupertino headquarters? Some hope so, most hope not.

On a side note: our site has been lacking lately. Recently, we’ve been lucky to receive a lot of new viewers, and while our lives move forward, there simply wasn’t much time for covering news stories. Starting September 1st, we will be back in force! Thanks for sticking with us.

Alas, whatever we do see, surely will create waves and will be covered by us.

Until September 1st, cheers!