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Kindle DX Isn’t Dead: Coming In Graphite w/ Lower Price

No matter how many iPads fly off the shelves, Amazon is determined to keep it’s ebook market share up. Helping them do that is a brand new Kindle DX, and price drops across the board.

The Kindle DX now sports a graphite color along with the available white, and the screen has a 50% improved contrast ratio. The best part is the price, however which has dropped to $379 (it was $489 before). The normal-sized Kindle 2 also saw a price drop from $259 to $189. The Kindle 2 is available now, and the new Kindle DX will be available July 7th.

Princeton Students Trash the Kindle DX

Yes, Kindle’s are great for carrying around thousands of books, because, you know, that’s hard. Yet some Princeton students are not taking kindly to the Kindle DX as part of a experimental program at the school. Here’s what on had to say:


“I hate to sound like a Luddite, but this technology is a poor excuse of an academic tool. It’s clunky, slow and a real pain to operate. Much of my learning comes from a physical interaction with the text: bookmarks, highlights, page-tearing, sticky notes and other marks representing the importance of certain passages – not to mention margin notes, where most of my paper ideas come from and interaction with the material occurs. All these things have been lost, and if not lost they’re too slow to keep up with my thinking, and the ‘features’ have been rendered useless.”

Ouch. Sounds like Amazon has some work to do.

Everyone Start Freaking Out: Kindle DX is Here

51quydhrntl_ss400_jpgAmazon just couldn’t resist.

They released their newest e-book reader titled the “Kindle DX” features a 9.7 inch screen, holds 3,500 books, and can read PDFs thanks to the new built in feature.

But aren’t we to expect more? How much are textbooks really going to cost? Where is the color screen? Either way, you can save the environment bigger and better than everyone else for only $479. (You read that price right.)