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AMD Reorganizes, Intel People Are Rockstars

AMD has completed the consuming of ATI. The company is now centered around four specific areas: products, future technology, marketing, and customer relations.

Engadget: ATI holdover Rick Bergman, who had also be head of the subsidiary known internally as the Graphics Product Group, will head up the products division with the goal of unifying the GPU and CPU teams (not necessarily the products).

And by the way, Nerds are total rockstars.

Just What is Going on at Apple? Blu-ray? More Seniors?

The fourth beta of iPhone 3.0 was set free today, no shocker there. HOWEVER, iTunes 8.2 pre-release was also set free, and it seems like the new iTunes is hinting at Blu-Ray recognition. Take a look:

225910-picture-1-1_500Now this is very odd indeed. Current Macs don’t support Blu-Ray, possibly with the exception of Blu-Ray drives set forth by other companies, most likely for the Mac Pros. Even worse is that Steve Jobs himself has said “Blu-Ray licensing is a mess, and it’s too much paperwork..”. So what exactly is going on? Many sources hint that iTunes will simply recognize the Blu-Ray discs, and nothing more. With WWDC around the corner, who knows what will happen.

Even more suspicious today is the fact that another chief technology officer from AMD has joined Apple, and that would be Raja Koduri. Apple is no doubt building up some serious hardware talent. All of this combined with the purchase of P.A. Semi in April 08′ could mean that the company may be developing it’s own chip for the iPhone and iPod Touch, but would this suffer just like the PowerPC did?

The Inquirer reports that Raja Koduri, currently Chief Technology Officer of the Graphics Product Group at AMD, will be joining Apple. The rumor comes on the heels of the discoveryjust two days ago that Bob Drebin, Koduri’s predecessor in the position at AMD, has already joined Apple.

Between PASemi, Bob Drebin and other things we can’t talk about yet, Apple is building up some serious hardware talent. All they need now is a good reliability person and a fire chief, and things will get really interesting on the hardware front in Cupertino.

Apple Makes Moves, Plays the Game

USA Today has revived the rumor of Verizon and Apple trying to make a deal over the iPhone. While this is highly unlikely, it is possible since AT&T’s exclusivity  gets cut of in 2010. Even so, twas a normal day for Apple.

Staff wise, Bob Drebin is now apparently a Senior Director at Apple. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the name, Drebin used to be the Chief Technology Officer for the Graphics Product Group at AMD, until he left in January 2008, to assume this new position.

“Bob Drebin is the chief technology officer of the Graphics Products Group within AMD. In this role, he oversees the technical strategy and direction for AMD’s graphics related businesses.
Mr. Drebin joined AMD with the ATI acquisition in 2006. At ATI, Mr. Drebin led the architecture and design of many of ATI award-winning graphics processors. Before ATI, Mr. Drebin managed the architecture and design unit of ArtX, where he was instrumental in development of the graphics component for the Nintendo Game Cube. Prior to joining ArtX, Mr. Drebin was a chief engineer in Silicon Graphics’ Advanced Graphics Division, where he spent nine years developing high performance graphics systems.”

And lastly, we leave with some Snow Leopard goodies. AppleInsider reports that the new version of Quicktime, entitled “Quicktime X” will arrive with new video uploading capabilities for use with YouTube and MobileMe.

“In particular, the application will let users take any supported video file and upload it directly to YouTube. Users will be prompted to enter their YouTube username and password, and QuickTime X Player take care of the rest. This includes converting the movie into a file optimized for the video sharing service and then uploading it to the appropriate user account.

Of course, Apple will also offer a similar option for users of its own MobileMe service that will take video files and upload them to a MobileMe Gallery. Both options are reportedly accessible via a new “Share” menu in the QuickTime X Player interface.”

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Details from “BusinessWeek” suggest that we can expect an “iPhone Lite” on Verizon and “MacBook Mini/Media Device” to appear.