Apple Begins “Free Case” Program, Delays White iPhone Further

Apple as promised started their “free case” program today for iPhone 4 users.Previously last week, Apple promised that  users

experiencing reception issues would be able to receive a free “bumper” or other select third party case.

To get your free case, you can download an iPhone app from the App Store (iPhone 4 only), and select from the following cases (pictures available in app):

I personally went with the Incase Snap Case (clear) because I use Incase for everything else. Cases will ship within 3-5 weeks.

Apple also delayed the white iPhone even further today. Previously stating the iPhone would be available at the end of July, it has now been pushed back into “late this year”. The difficulty comes in the paint color, which has not yet been match to the uniform white color that Apple uses on everything else. Apple also does not want the iPhone to yellow in color due to heat.


Some Droid X Handsets Suffering from Screen Defect; Verizon Offers Fix

Yes, not every phone is perfect. And while the Droid X is going under every sites check list, some handsets are suffering from something more serious than sub-par software: a major defect in it’s 4.3 inch screen.

A small amount of early adopters have reported (and shown on YouTube) that either their screens will flicker at an amazingly fast (and unusable) rate, or the bottom half of the screen simply fails to show anything.

Verizon and Motorola have acknowledged that some handsets do have an issue, but it has already been fixed in units shipping currently. For those who are experiencing the issue, you can call Verizon and expect a replacement unit. “Motorola has resolved the issue and is continuing to ship the phones. Any consumer who experiences a flickering or banding display should contact a Motorola customer support center or Verizon Wireless,” a Verizon Wireless spokesperson told Engadget.

Skype Updated for iOS4, Multitasking Is Go.

Skype, a program used for internet calling (including video too) has been updated for iOS4.

The latest update brings fast-app switching and multitasking, allowing the program to run in the background. This has been a long time coming for many users. The update is free, and so is the app if you don’t have it yet. There are some bugs, like push notifications putting any call on hold, but for the most part it’s a solid update

On a side note: to use FaceTime over 3G, check out “Fring”.

Apple Adresses iPhone 4, Free Bumpers, Shoots Other Mobile Phones In the Foot

Thanks to Engadget for the pictures

Today Apple gave an invite only press conference to address the issue of the iPhone’s antenna. Here’s what went down:

-To start off the conference, Jobs played a comedic video entitled “The iPhone 4 Antenna Song”.

-After that he shortly commented on Gizmodo’s many anti-Apple posts, saying that they we’re exacting revenge for Jason Chen’s widely publicized police raid on his home.

-Steve then gave a short 15 min presentation stating that

1) 3 million phones have been sold.

2) The iPhone 4 has been rated the #1 iPhone hands down.

3) Showed the “death grip” being used on a Blackberry Bold 9700, a Droid Eris, and a Samsung Omnia II, with all phones severely decreasing in signal strength (just like the iPhone 4).

4) Apple has spent $100 million and hired 18 PhD scientists and engineers to study antennas.

5) Only 0.55% of AppleCare customers called about the issue.

6) AT&T return rates for the iPhone 4 are 1.7% compared the 6% for the iPhone 3GS.

7) iPhone 4 drops less than one more call than iPhone 3GS

8) Apple cares about every customer (yes, this was actually stated many times)

9) Apple loves every customer (yep, stated many times too)

10) iOS 4.0.1 fixes signal bars and Exchange bug, fix coming for proximity sensor soon.

11) Apple will offer everyone a free bumper, and a refund if you’ve already bought one. Apple late next week on Apple’s website. If you’re still not happy with the phone, you may return it undamaged 30 days after purchase.

12) White iPhone ships end of July

13) Apple loves their users – “they reward us by staying OUR users”

Apple To Hold Invite Only Press Conference Friday, Address Antenna Issue?

Since the iPhone 4’s launch, it has been plagued with various complaints over the iPhone’s cellular antenna, and Apple seems like their finally going to address it.

The real story begins at the products launch. During the Keynote, Steve Jobs glorified the new stainless steal band around the iPhone 4. The trick to fitting all the new hardware into the iPhone was the fact that the steel band was able to be used as the iPhone’s 3 antennas. Shortly after product launch it was discovered that in holding the iPhone, one might cover up the break in the steel band on the lower left corner of the iPhone which for some caused a severe signal degradation, some resulting in data connection loss and dropped calls.

It was downplayed for a short time.

After much press, Apple released it’s take on the iPhone’s antenna issues, stating that “a software bug” had caused an incorrect

display of bars on the phone, leading to the decrease. Apple promised a software fix in the next few weeks.

And then the email hit.

Immediately following the real or fake (no one is sure) Steve Jobs email to a customer telling them to “calm down, we’re working on a fix”, Consumer Reports stated that they would no longer recommend the phone for purchase.

The agreement between MOST engineers is that the iPhone 4’s steel band may or may not be a flawed design, but the easiest(and financially best) way to fix the problem is to offer free bumpers (Apple’s iPhone case) to anyone experiencing the problem.

The latest bit of news comes our way from Apple. A press conference will be held Friday, July 15th to address the issue. Some expect a recall, and some expect free bumpers.

Kindle DX Isn’t Dead: Coming In Graphite w/ Lower Price

No matter how many iPads fly off the shelves, Amazon is determined to keep it’s ebook market share up. Helping them do that is a brand new Kindle DX, and price drops across the board.

The Kindle DX now sports a graphite color along with the available white, and the screen has a 50% improved contrast ratio. The best part is the price, however which has dropped to $379 (it was $489 before). The normal-sized Kindle 2 also saw a price drop from $259 to $189. The Kindle 2 is available now, and the new Kindle DX will be available July 7th.

Mozilla Wants “Firefox Home” on App Store

Firefox wants their own web browser on the App Store following Opera’s recent (approved) success: Opera Mini.

The Mozilla App, dubbed “Firefox Home”, is set to be a weird, almost incomplete browser that is meant to sync your tabs, bookmarks, and history between your iDevice and your computer. It is expected to browse the rest of the web however. It has yet to be approved as of writing. VIDEO after the break: