In Search Of The Perfect Case: Almost There

While some of us could care less about the latest gadget, or even how we treat the ones we own, there are those out there that love their gadgets like they love people. They clean them, buff them regularly, and treat them like family. So it’s inevitable that cases for any gadget should be available launch day in fear of dropping your new machine you just threw down cash for.

And most of us are picky.

Recently, I had the chance to try a new experience in case design, called Coveroo ( They specialize in partnering with case-makers (like iLuv, Incase and many more) to give you a customized case different than those mass-produced. You’re guided through a couldn’t-be-any-simpler process of picking an image, a device (iPhone, Blackberry, iPod, iPad, Kindle, Palm, Samsung, and just about every gadget maker out there), and a type of case for that device.

The image selection available at the website is odd is some areas, and great in others (mainly sports). It consists of a select few genres, some among the bunch are (a few) TV shows, (a few) music groups, and other oddities that are more mainstream than some would like. However, if they don’t offer anything to your liking, Coveroo can receive your picture of choice by email.

After you’ve selected your image (that goes on the back of the case, and only covers the middle back), you choose your device and type of case . This again couldn’t be simpler. Prices start at $35 not including shipping and you can add a personal message (much like an iPod engraving) on the lower-middle-back of the case for only $5 that’s 15 characters long. They even give you a handful of different fonts.

There were only two problems I experienced during the process.

The first was that the image that you selected on the website may look great, but on the bigger iPad case that I received, it was pixilated with a rough white boarder around the image. When someone pays for the product, they should get a clear crisp image, not some pixilated mess. On a smaller device like an iPod, it probably isn’t an issue, but it’s important you stock large images for large products. Pretty simple.

Secondly, along with the case I received an iPad stand. You know the material that they package headphones in? That ugly plastic that you usually need scissors to cut open? That’s what the stand is made of, and it was equally hard to fold into position. It was a nice bonus, but it was way to flimsy for me to risk my iPad in. Pretty much a loss to toss that in with the case.

Verdict: As cases go, Coveroo tops the lot of them. Not only can you personalize the case for just about any gadget in production, but they also feature popular cases from the most popular case makers. You can get a really sturdy, quality case personalized to your liking for almost the same price as you would a normal case! There are only a few kinks left in this awesome process. I recommend looking into Coveroo (, but for now, stay away from larger devices and stick to the smaller ones. Smaller devices have a much better case selection and images aren’t as pixilated.

**note: iPad case received w/ personal message and shipping, free of any charge.

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