Apple Adresses iPhone 4, Free Bumpers, Shoots Other Mobile Phones In the Foot

Thanks to Engadget for the pictures

Today Apple gave an invite only press conference to address the issue of the iPhone’s antenna. Here’s what went down:

-To start off the conference, Jobs played a comedic video entitled “The iPhone 4 Antenna Song”.

-After that he shortly commented on Gizmodo’s many anti-Apple posts, saying that they we’re exacting revenge for Jason Chen’s widely publicized police raid on his home.

-Steve then gave a short 15 min presentation stating that

1) 3 million phones have been sold.

2) The iPhone 4 has been rated the #1 iPhone hands down.

3) Showed the “death grip” being used on a Blackberry Bold 9700, a Droid Eris, and a Samsung Omnia II, with all phones severely decreasing in signal strength (just like the iPhone 4).

4) Apple has spent $100 million and hired 18 PhD scientists and engineers to study antennas.

5) Only 0.55% of AppleCare customers called about the issue.

6) AT&T return rates for the iPhone 4 are 1.7% compared the 6% for the iPhone 3GS.

7) iPhone 4 drops less than one more call than iPhone 3GS

8) Apple cares about every customer (yes, this was actually stated many times)

9) Apple loves every customer (yep, stated many times too)

10) iOS 4.0.1 fixes signal bars and Exchange bug, fix coming for proximity sensor soon.

11) Apple will offer everyone a free bumper, and a refund if you’ve already bought one. Apple late next week on Apple’s website. If you’re still not happy with the phone, you may return it undamaged 30 days after purchase.

12) White iPhone ships end of July

13) Apple loves their users – “they reward us by staying OUR users”


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