Apple To Hold Invite Only Press Conference Friday, Address Antenna Issue?

Since the iPhone 4’s launch, it has been plagued with various complaints over the iPhone’s cellular antenna, and Apple seems like their finally going to address it.

The real story begins at the products launch. During the Keynote, Steve Jobs glorified the new stainless steal band around the iPhone 4. The trick to fitting all the new hardware into the iPhone was the fact that the steel band was able to be used as the iPhone’s 3 antennas. Shortly after product launch it was discovered that in holding the iPhone, one might cover up the break in the steel band on the lower left corner of the iPhone which for some caused a severe signal degradation, some resulting in data connection loss and dropped calls.

It was downplayed for a short time.

After much press, Apple released it’s take on the iPhone’s antenna issues, stating that “a software bug” had caused an incorrect

display of bars on the phone, leading to the decrease. Apple promised a software fix in the next few weeks.

And then the email hit.

Immediately following the real or fake (no one is sure) Steve Jobs email to a customer telling them to “calm down, we’re working on a fix”, Consumer Reports stated that they would no longer recommend the phone for purchase.

The agreement between MOST engineers is that the iPhone 4’s steel band may or may not be a flawed design, but the easiest(and financially best) way to fix the problem is to offer free bumpers (Apple’s iPhone case) to anyone experiencing the problem.

The latest bit of news comes our way from Apple. A press conference will be held Friday, July 15th to address the issue. Some expect a recall, and some expect free bumpers.

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