Microsoft @ E3 Brings New Xbox, “Kinect”

During Microsoft’s keynote today at E3, the majority of it were game demos (Fable III, Gears of War 3, Halo: Reach, MGS, etc..). But if you stuck it through to the end, there were  a few big announcements.

-Project Natal will be available for sale November 4, and is branded as “Kinetic”. There will be 15 titles at launch such as Sonic Freeride and Biggest Loser.

-Kinetic will allow you to voice control your Xbox, and Zune (and messenger) integration will be standard in a new firmware update.

-New Xbox! The New “Slim Xbox” is $299, and features a bigger hard drive (250GB) and built in Wi-Fi. It’s new design is a little more aggressive and angle-stlyled.


One response to “Microsoft @ E3 Brings New Xbox, “Kinect”

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