March Gamers Update

At the keynote in GDC,  Sony talked all about their motion controller now called the Playstation Move. Lot of good things came out from the show. It has got revised design that is much better from what they showed us at E3. It includes buttons on the controller, and there is a second controller like the Wii’s Nunchuk called the sub controller (worst name ever). They previewed some games, but for the most part they proved that it is much more accurate than the Wii controller due to its collaboration with the PS Eye. Sony says that they will make bundles for the Playstation Move with the PS3, but if you already have the console, you can buy the Playstation Move controller and PS Eye for under $100 by November.

Mid-March, the long awaited PS3 exclusive God of War 3 made its way. I have played it, and I will give you my super short review for it. I truly can say that this is the best in the series. First of all the graphics are amazing with every pixel put to life. It has clearly the best visuals after Uncharted 2 and uses full PS3 potential. While you may not see a lot of new moves, the gameplay really feels complete. Every hit is worth the experience. SCE Santa Monica put enough blood and gore to give you the thrill you expect from God of War games. You will never be bored because something is always happening. Not to mention, the story of Kratos vs. Zeus will finally end. While the game is pretty short, it is just “EPIC.”

Sqaure Enix’s 13th installment to the main Final Fantasy series also made its way this March for the PS3 AND the Xbox 360. Final Fantasy XIII had a higher expectation than some of the other FF games since it was the first one on the next-gen consoles. Since God of War had to come out the same month as this, I am still not done with this game, but I am far enough to give you my thoughts on this. Does it deliver? Meh…… I can tell you it has amazing graphics, flashy battle system, and beautiful environments, but its linearity takes the RPG fun out of it.

As you may know, RPG stands for Role Playing Game where you live in a dream world and play the role of your character’s life by doing missions and side quests, exploring places, talking to people, visit towns, customize character and such. I am sorry to say FFXIII is missing almost all of those RPG elements: there are no towns in the game, nothing to explore since most of the places are narrow alleys, no talking to people, and only one side quest. Basically you and you party of 2 for most of the game (later all 6), kill monsters along the way to clear a place and watch cut-scenes along the way. This all changes once you are 75% done with game since you enter a huge field (where I am) with lots of exploring, training, and one line of side quests. But it just feels a long wait. On the good side, the Battle System is very fun, you can customize your characters using Crystarium similar to FFX’s Sphere Grid, upgrade weapons, watch beautiful cut-scenes. Even though the game does not deliver at places it’s last installment excelled at, it does bring the missing Final Fantasy feeling from FFXII (2006 for PS2) with better character development. The story is not as good as FFVII or FFX, but it is still good.

This is all just my opinion, and this game could be just the one you were looking for so I still recommend buying it because it may not be the RPG game you wanted, but a complete game for its unknown genre. If you have both consoles and wondering which one to buy it for, buy it for the PS3 because it has higher resolution and only one disc.

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will be coming exlusively to the PSP this summer in North America. It is already out in Japan, and I have been hearing a lot of good things about it. For those of you who saw the secret ending of KH2 and were confused, that was a teaser for this game. Birth by Sleep is a prequel to the first KH, and features Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. Some of the new worlds you will see are Sleeping Beauty‘s Enchanted Dominion, deep space from Lilo & Stich, and the Dwarf Woodlands, as seen in Snow White. This may not be Kingdom Hearts 3, but it is supposed to be the best KH game yet.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 came out earlier this month and is surprisingly hell of a lot better than Modern Warfare 2. It brings a lot of improvements from its predecessor (something infinity Ward did not work so hard on). While the campaign is short and still good with your funny squad, the multiplayer is the big focus of this game. It has larger scale maps with more people, better and beautiful locations, thrilling sound, vehicles, and most of all active scenery. If you don’t know active scenery is, it means if you throw a grenade at the wall, the wall actually breaks apart. This is the first time I have seen this in a shooter, and that is way this game takes multiplayer to the next level. The huge maps you may know very well become completely different by the end of the round. It is hard to camp and actually requires skill to play unlike CoD, which only depends on your reflexes. If you are bored of Modern Warfare 2, buy this game because then you will never touch Call of Duty games again.

Speaking of Call of Duty, Modern Warfare 2 map pack hits only Xbox Live (for now) March 31st featuring three new maps (Bailout, Storm, Salvage) and two resigned Call of Duty 4 maps (Crash, Overgrown). It will run you $15, which I consider overpriced.

Gears of War 3 was announced to be released next year April.

Xbox 360 Elite new bundle includes Halo 3: ODST and Forza 3 for the same $300 price. Finally we can get a break from Lego Batman and Pure.


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