Google Debuts “Buzz”, Aims to Dominate Social Networking

Google, the company we all know and love (well some of us may not) for doing everything everywhere for free, has another project in the works just after their finishing of Wave, aptly named “Buzz”. Again, the name gives no clue to what it does.

The service is designed to offer easier ways to share links, photos, and other information, corral all those things shared by friends and other connections, and integrate well with other services in an open way.

It’s “a Google approach to sharing,” according to Todd Jackson, product manager for Gmail and Google Buzz.

Buzz is built using a number of open standards, such as Atom, Activity Streams, and PubSubHubbub. Future support for OAuth, Salmon, and WebFinger is also planned. Google Buzz is also built with mobile devices in mind. Applications for Android and iPhone will let users sort “buzzes” via location, and Buzz will do its best to turn GPS coordinates into relevant locations and will even integrate into a new version of Google Maps on the Android.

Buzz will focus on integrating all your networks you’re already on together, filtering “bad” buzz from “good” buzz, and allowing you to share everything you normally do, instead of just one thing at a time.

Open Beta has already arrived, so go check it out.


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