Apple Releases Aperture 3, Adds 200 Features

Apple released their brand new version of their pro photo editing program named Aperture 3 yesterday. The update includes over 200 new features, but most prominent in the update is the addition of “Faces” and “Places”, along with more advanced slideshow editing in which HD video can now be added.

Faces allows iPhoto to sort through your photos by tagging the people who are in them via facial recognition. Places is a similar function, but instead of people, it adds GPS data onto a map. One of the very cool features of Aperture 3 works with the iPhone to include GPS data on pictures taken with the iPhone, so that if your primary GPS unit loses it’s connection, the iPhone can snap a photo and log the data, which you can then import into Aperture.

That’s not all of course. Many photographers won’t upgrade for just two new features (even though the upgrade is only $99). Apple has also added more pro-line additions such as a much more in-depth brush tool, and advanced presets which also you to edit the photo as you would, and then save those color or effects you’ve made into a preset.

As mentioned, the upgrade fee is only $99, and the full version will only run you back $199. Apple has been trying to compete with Adobe’s Lightroom/Photoshop duo for a long time now, and it seems while this may not take them to the top any time soon, it sure gives them more advantage in the creative market.


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