Google’s At It Again with the “Nexus One” Phone

Well, it looks like Google’s at it again, conquering yet another tech frontier. They haven’t been quite clear on much lately, (like I said, we were on Holiday break), but I can at least gather together the T-Mobile plan rates, and the cost of thephone.

To start off, it looks like the phone itself, entitled the “Nexus One” will be available without a contract for $530. It comes with only the basics: a USB cable and wall charger. There are optional accessories like a desk and car docking station, running $40 and $50 respectively. With a T-Mobile Individual Plan the phone will run a mere $180. Although that price is much more agreeable than the unsubsidized $530, it’s still more expensive than the Palm Pre ($150) and the iPhone 3G ($99). Reviewers from all over, however, claim that the phone is THE best Android phone on the market. But is $180 a fair price, or a leap of faith?

One other note: It seems that Android is becoming quite popular, and we all know it’s better than phone companies (Samsung, Nokia, etc.)pre-packaged hardly though out software. Could that be the secret to Android’s market?


One response to “Google’s At It Again with the “Nexus One” Phone

  1. Bloody hell, the 180$ price tag is IRRELEVANT compared to the price of your friggin contract. When will people understand that?

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