PSP 4000? Already?

Little Big Planet just released for the PSP and it will be coming in a bundle soon. The following devices that it will be bundled with are shown in the picture: PSP-1000, PSP-2000, PSP-3000, PSP-4000, and PSPgo (PSP-N1000). That’s right….. It says PSP-4000. Forget being released, it hasn’t even been announced yet.

Well I will consider this as an unofficial PSP-4000 announcement, considering Sony didn’t make a typo. It isn’t a surprise because the PSP is really falling behind even with the improved line-up of games.

Sony you better know what you are doing.


One response to “PSP 4000? Already?

  1. Wow, is that one just going to rid itself of other useful features? Like NO UMD DRIVE!?!?

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