You Got Served: Apple Bans Developer Over 44+ FAKE Reviews

I love the app store. In fact, I love any app store. But when your paying the developer for their work, I would rather not get ripped off, which was what one developer may have been doing in Apple’s App Store.

Patrick Timney, a user of Apple’s App Store, pointed out that Molinker (an app dev. company) had been posting fake reviews on many of it’s $0.99 travel apps. You’d think a few lies here and there wouldn’t be TOO bad, until you found out that Molinker had 1,011 apps on the store. That’s right, 1000+ apps.

Phil Schiller, Apple’s VP, responded to iPhoneography (website), stating that the developer had been removed from the app store, and their ratings had also been removed.

Don’t play games with Apple’s legal department, kids. They’re brutal.


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