WestWood College: A Place Where You Can Succeed

Whatever your learning style, WestWood can help you start your career in under 3 years.

Westwood College has many campuses located in major cities across the country. Westwood also has business relationships with many top companies in and around these cities.

It’s possible to earn an associate degree in as little as 20 months, and a bachelor’s degree in as little as three years. By


offering year-round classes focused on the most critical skills needed to advance their careers, Westwood College

allows students to complete their coursework in less time than at traditional schools. Career-focused curriculum, numerous programs, fast-track education, experienced instructors, exciting locations and real-worldconnections – you can’t go wrong with a degree from Westwood College.

Story from a student:

“Being able to work one on one with my instructors was the most positive aspect of my education at Westwood College. I wanted to be in a program that gave me hands on experience. I also got my degree, not just a diploma.”

– Jamie DeYoung, Westwood College graduate


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