iTriage for iPhone : Now w/ ER Wait Times

Healthagen, developer of iTriage for iPhone, other smart phones, and desktop users, partnered with HCA East Florida today to make ER wait times more transparent through smart phones. Now, patients can access their ER wait times with an iPhone/iPod Touch, and with smart phones and web at, and evaluate symptoms and find appropriate locations for treatment.

ER Wait times Screenshot“To excel as a health care provider it is essential to provide out customers with all resources, technology, and information available so that they can make informed medical decisions,” said Michael Joseph, CEO of HCA East Florida. “iTriage is a cutting-edge application that will undoubtedly become a key source of medical information for out communities when seconds count.”

HCA East Florida has worked to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of its hospitals’ ER, which led to the iTriage partnership and the introduction of carious technological advances. A multimedia campaign for their Live ER Wait Times recently launched, featuring legendary Coach Don Shula and three time Indy 500 champion Helio Castroneves.

“Bringing ER wait time information to consumers is an exciting development and highlights the customized power behind iTriage,” said Peter Hudson, M.D., CEO, Healthagen.

Download iTriage for iPhone on iTunes


One response to “iTriage for iPhone : Now w/ ER Wait Times

  1. I checked out the iPhone version and I also noticed at that the have a fully enabled web version of iTriage for mobile browsers specifically built for the iPhone, Android, Palm Pre, and soon the Blackberry Bold and Storm.

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