Zune HD Out NOW + 4.0 Software + Crackdown

Well, those of you who have been waiting for a Zune HD (and that probably wasn’t many) have finally met their deadline. The Zune HD is out now and ready for purchase.


Software 4.0 was also released which includes:

  • Quickplay menu: quick access from your Zune HD to your favorite media including those you most recently added or played
  • Smart DJ: Like Apple’s Genius, Smart DJ creates like-minded music mixes. It also adds music from the Zune Marketplace if you have a Zune Pass.
  • Mini Player Mode: Keeps a mini version of the player on top of your PC apps
  • Download to own: For the first time you can download-to-own or rent full movies and TV shows in SD or HD formats.
  • Older Zunes get a “3.2” update

Apps have also been confirmed for the device:

“Later this year, Zune plans to release free applications such as Twitter for Zune and Facebook for Zune, in addition to fun 3-D games such as “Project Gotham Racing: Ferrari Edition,” “Vans Sk8: Pool Service” and “Audiosurf(TM) Tilt.” Games can be added to Zune HD via Zune Marketplace over the Wi-Fi connection or when connected to the Zune PC software.”

There’s even a tear down of the device which includes:


” the NVIDIA Tegra SoC, SiPORT HD Radio module, Toshiba-sourced flash NAND, a 2.45Wh battery, Wolfson MIcro WM8352 audio subsystem, and Foxconn logo confirming its manufacturing origin.”

[Thanks to Engadget]

[Read ALL Zune HD info here]


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  1. Nice post, enjoyed reading this… keep posting..

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