Apple Still Planning iTouch w/ Camera

191911-compare2_500This story is a sad one. The iPod Touch 3rd Generation didn’t get a camera. Why you ask?

Steve Jobs said to the New York Times that it was “a matter of cost, and we were really focused on the $199 price point”.

While reports from the factory indicate that there were manufacturing problems with the product. The new iPod Touch does have room for the camera, so it’s a true mystery why it’s not there. Gizmodo points out that maybe the Nano’s camera wouldn’t be good enough, and that it would only cheapen the product.

Either way, since there is room, expect Apple to be putting a camera in there SOME time. Eventually.


2 responses to “Apple Still Planning iTouch w/ Camera

  1. The good thing is that the latest ipod touch is packin’ a Wifi N chip… but the industry is dragging its heels more than I’d like to see. I want standard N everywhere.

    Another thing that blew me away was that Leopard OS was only $25 (not sure if it was just for the upgrade or the entire OS) in any case, WOW… eat that Microsoft.

    But give the slow-changing MS credit… I got to see their next Office suite with my own eyes and yes, its web-based and for the most-part free.

    Good post, visit RD if you’d like and comment back!

  2. The touch camera touched off a firestorm as I’m sure you know. Mainly because of David Pogue’s article. The Snow Leopard release didn’t help. Everyone agrees it should have been a free service pack.


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