Snow Leopard’s “Wake on Demand” Feature

[Wake On Demand] is Apple’s name for a new networking feature that lets a Snow Leopard Mac go to sleep while a networked base station continues to broadcast Bonjour messages about the services the sleeping computer offers. The base station essentially acts as a proxy for the slumbering Mac. Advertised Bonjour services includes file sharing, screen sharing, iTunes library sharing, and printer sharing among others.

Apple TV benefits greatly from this.

According to them, user’s are required to have a 2009 Mac, and Airport base station, and a Mac running Snow Leopard 10.6.

However, I have Mac’s from 2008 which all have Wake On Demand supported. Readers have found that ANY Airport base station (Express, or Extreme) will work, and older Mac’s are also supporting the feature.

To check your Mac, click on “About this Mac” on the Apple drop down menu in the upper left hand corner of your toolbar, then click on “More Info”, then go under the “Network” tab, and click on “Airport” and “Wake on Demand” will be listed there as supported or not.


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