The Album is Dead, Stop Trying to Revive It

It seems like CD’s just won’t die, and the major labels aren’t going to let them. Universal, Warner, EMI, and Sony have all schemed up a plan called the “CMX Digital Album”, and have been at it for about a year and a half. They actually went to Apple with the idea, but got a big fat NO in their faces. Supposedly, after this idea was brought to Apple, those guys at Cupertino went to work on their own version, code named “Cocktail”. This “Cocktail” is set to launch in September, before the big label’s version in November.


Do you care?

You’re probably going to get the inside booklet that comes with most CD’s now, in a PDF format. Again, do you care? Not to mention that the four big labels are actually challenging Apple and iTunes, which is the world’s largest music seller.


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