iTunes 9 To Include Blu-Ray Support?

The Boy Genius Report has supposedly received a tip that iTunes 9 will come with  Blu-Ray support that so many people have been screaming about ever since Steve Jobs called Blu-Ray a “bag of hurt”. None the less, this might actually be true, since the new Final Cut Pro (HD) that was just recently announced includes Blu-Ray burning support IF you have a 3rd party disc drive that supports it.


One of the new additions to iTunes is said to include Blu-ray support which lines up nicely with a recent Apple Insider report about Apple integrating Blu-ray into their new iMac line-up. Something else that will most likely make a bunch of people happy is that we’ve been told iTunes 9 will finally include the ability to visually organize and arrange your iPhone and iPod touch applications. Something that wasn’t so clearly described was some kind of Twitter/Facebook/ integration. Maybe broadcasting what song you’re playing to your friends?

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