Chinese iPhone Official: (中国取得iPhone手机)

Well, China has finally gotten a true iPhone (from Apple) to use in it’s borders.

The pictures were posted on Chinese portal on Friday morning and showed an iPhone with simplified Chinese characters in its display and inscribed on the back of the handset. Simplified characters are used in mainland China and Singapore, but Singaporean iPhones don’t have Chinese inscription on the case. (Hong Kong and Taiwan use more complex traditional characters)


The iPhone in the pictures also carries China’s “Environmental Protection Use Period” mark, which indicates the number of years of normal operation during which hazardous or toxic substances included in the product will not leak or change in a way that harms the environment or human health. In the case of the iPhone pictured that length of time is 10 years.

那么,中国终于获得了真正的iPhone (苹果)中使用它的边界。

这些照片被刊登在中国门户网站星期五上午和显示, iPhone与简体字在其显示器和者背面的手机。简体字用于中国大陆和新加坡,但新加坡的iPhone没有中文碑文的情况。 (香港和台湾使用更复杂的繁体字)



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