New Apple Store, Doom, and AT&T’s Fourth Strike


While the new design of the Apple Store is another amazing architectural achievement, it’s nothing compared to the download numbers of Safari 4. S4 has been downloaded over 11 MILLION times in the last 3 days. Apple is also introducing the GeForce GTX 285 for their Mac Pros.152242-gtx_285_300But even though this is all good news, AT&T just has to ruin it. A while back, a rumor went around on AT&T cutting the price of the iPhone plan about $10 to $20. They say that because of the huge demand of data from the network from iPhones, and the amount of subsidizing they already do, it would be impossible to lower the price, unless they go with limited data plans, allowing you to have only so much data a month. AT&T might also start charging $10 to $40 a month extra for MMS and Tethering. With Sprint’s “Simply Everything” plan, which gives you UNLIMITED EVERYTHING for about $100, who seems like the bad guys now?

AND FOR ALL THOSE DOOM FANS, Doom 3 has been announced for iPhone, along with a Delicious Library app and a new FreeVerse game.


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