Palm Pre now available for Sprint


Introduced at CES 2009 in January, Palm Pre was expected to be an “iPhone killer.” Unfortunately, the Palm Pre is not even close to killing the iphone yet, not to mention the new fast iPhone 3G S. However, it does beat the iPhone in multi-tasking, and it is easily the best phone for Sprint. It runs Palm’s new WebOS and has a physical slide-out keyboard. The browser has zooming capabilities and is smooth. It does have an App Store, but it is in Beta and has only around a dozen Apps currently. The voice quality is great also. The Palm Pre includes Bluetooth, Wi-fi, GPS, and 3G. It is currently available for $199 with 8GB of storage. It has only been two days since its release and we don’t know what the Palm Pre can really do. Can it satisfy the Sprint users as much as the iPhone does to AT&T users? Can the Pre save Palm from the terrible economic crisis it is in? Is the Pre Palm’s and perhaps Sprint’s only hope (this one went a little too far)?

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