SATA 3.0 Standards Official

SATA ports 16-9

Well, it seems SATA will finally see it’s second speed bump since it’s introduction. The SATA International Organization, which rules over Serial ATA interfaces, has (yesterday) released the official SATA 3.0 specifications. These specs feature 6.0 Gbps data transfers, backwards compatibility with older/existing drives, connectors, cables, and controllers, an isochronous transfer mode which uses NCQ to prioritize transfers for streaming apps like audio and video transmission, more NCQ management features, and new connectors designed for those 1.8″ drives which are becoming more popular and optical drives as thin as 7mm. So far, SATA has only has one major bump in speed from 1.5Gbps to 3Gbps. While current hard disk drives can’t saturate SATA 2.0’s 3Gbps data rate, SSDs can, and the new features are moderately compelling.

When this ships in RAID cards, hard disks, and so on, it will be urgently needed by the SSDs which have already been resorted to doubling up on SATA channels, or PCIe links to increase their bandwidth. THe new SATA will also use less power.

With USB 3.0, Firewire 3200, and SATA 3.0, motherboards could possibly go under some serious changes.


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