Kojima’s updoming Metal Gear Solid game is teased by Big Boss

MGS teaser

During the interview with Hideo Kojima at the GDC 09, we found out that Kojima Productions were making a new game. We did not know if it was going to be another Metal Gear Solid game or part of  some other series. Now, we do know that the new game certainly has something to do with Metal Gear Solid due to the Big boss image flashed on the teaser. 

If you haven’t seen this teaser website already, please do so now. Wait about 1 minuter and you will see an “R.” Then you will see Big Boss’s picture flash on for a few seconds. Wait a little longer and you will see a “P.” The teaser also shows a countdown of the time until the game might be officialy announced. Whether the game is Metal Gear Solid 5 or another prequel to the series, this countdown is worth waiting for.

What the hell is the “R” and “P” for?


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