Palm Has Another Field Day

While we all carry our Blackberry’s and iPhone’s with pride, Palm will always be the father of the smartphone. Today, all loyal follower of Palm get to read through the Gesture Guide over at Engadget, watch entire demos of the Pre thanks to, and have a greater view of the cost of the device, and a look at the Eos, a new Palm phone coming to AT&T.

Best Buy has listed their deal on the Palm Pre in an ad that has been run.


Looks like a great deal! Engadget pointed out the $849.00 price tag that has us baffled. That’s far far away in another galaxy from the $550 that Sprint would charge for an off-contract price. What happened? Either way, you aren’t walking out of BestBuy with out the Simply Everything Plan.

And lastly, it seems that AT&T might be getting in on some of that webOS action. The company has given this phone a 2009 release, although we were stunned at some of the missing specs. There seems to be no Wi-Fi, or App Store introduction, and it does not clearly state that MP3 playback or any playback will be supported by the phone. (iPod-like function) There is also no mention of an external card slot to expand memory, leaving users with a mere 3.75 GBs.



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